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I'm 36, and started ballet almost 3 years ago as a supplement to my ballroom work.  (I think I took one term when I was about 7 as well - I sort of remember learning a sweets dance for nutcracker before my parents split up.)  I take class twice a week - two technique classes, and one pointe, for a grand total of about 2.5 hrs of ballet a week.  (I've been on pointe a little less than a year.)  As part of my deal with the studio given I don't meet the minimum class requirement for pointe, I'm also expected to give myself a barre once a week in addition to my near-daily work in ballroom, etc.  I'm apparently "strong, detail-oriented and disciplined enough" to make that work.  I drop into a 3rd class on the rare occasions that my schedule allows.

I started out in an adult beginner class, but after about 8 months, I moved to working with the teens to get a harder class.  Last year, the class I was in was prepping for their level 7 (Russian) exams - I spent the first term mostly lost, but figured it out in the second.  This year my classes are/were prepping for their pre-elementary (class 1) and elementary (class 2) exam.  Elementary is a little tough for me still, especially some of the centre work (*cough* allegro *cough*), but pre-el seems to be right in my wheelhouse... all except for those darn double pirouettes, which I have yet to master.

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