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Hello! I have danced (mainly ballet but also modern etc) for 20+ years both as a student and a professional. I sustained injuries, burned out and left ballet to develop some other interests including fashion and writing. After 3 years without even so much stepping in a dance studio I woke up one morning a decided to come back. I don't think I will be doing 31 fouette's center stage anytime soon, but I am excited to see how far I can re-develope my abilities. 

Durning the day I work for a nationally distributed magazine based in LA and blog about style and my dance diary.

I am excited to connect with a community that can answer a lot of questions I may have forgotten since being out of the game for a few years. 


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Welcome, CasiraghiStyle.  I'm sure you will find many kindred souls in the Adult Ballet Forums here. 

Please do take some time to nose around the site to see what all we offer and to read our Rules and Policies.  We look forward to your participation in our community!


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