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Hello! I am 15 and I dance six days a week. I know audition season has long passed, but is being wait listed a bad thing or is it okay? I want to make sure I'm not behind for my age. I was accepted to three intensives, wait listed to two (I didn't ask to be kept on the wait list), and rejected at one. Does that sound okay?

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Victoria Leigh

Pirouettegirl, acceptance, rejection, or wait listed is not a criteria for whether you are okay for your age or not. Nor is the fact that you dance six days a week. The fact that you were accepted to three is more important. Not every dancer in a good training program is right for every program. It is the same with auditioning for companies. You can be a brilliant dancer and still not be the right fit for a given company.  Keep your focus on your training, your goals, hard work, and the reality that at 15 you still have a lot of time. :) 

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Thank you!

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