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Hi, everyone!  Wow - I'm awfully grateful to have found a place with such a wealth of information...and I really appreciate how careful the administrators are in keeping things organized!  

I have two DD - one is 15 the other is 9.  They both started 3 years ago, which makes my 15 year old a late-starter, I guess.  The 9-year old is right on time and looking forward to beginning pre-pointe next year.

Our local studio (RAD, Cecchetti) had an older beginners class, so my older DD was brave enough to try and just loved it.  She worked very hard her first and second year - taking every class she could and really paying attention to instruction and correction.  Last year she was approved to get her pointe shoes!  Her progress this year has been very good. Her studio has a mix of recreational and pre-professional students.  Sometimes I'm not sure this is the best place for her to continue studying - but she feels very comfortable there.  And there is some benefit to a late starter being  in a "small pond".  :-)  She plans to attend an SI this upcoming summer (or several).  

She's surprised herself this past year, and I'm hoping to help guide her as she considers continuing dance beyond high school.  While I took a lot of ballet as a child, I quit before pointe (which is unfortunate as I really loved ballet)...but I feel like I don't know all the ins and outs and am a little unsure the best way to help her achieve her goals.  This is one reason I'm very happy to have found this board!

We homeschool (and have for a long time - I have older boys who are out of the house and were homeschooled) - it allows a lot of extra time for dance related activities.  :-)  And we try to incorporate some ballet into our lessons (for example she has to write an Art Grant Proposal this year as part of our co-op - she's going to do one for our studio's Youth Ballet program).  



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Welcome, NCBalletChauffeur, and thank you for such a nice introduction! :)

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Welcome ! I have a 10 year old DD new to pointe work as well, it will be nice to follow their journeys together !

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Hi, Noel19!  My daughter won't start pointe for probably 2 years, so prepoint will begin next year. (at our studio, in general: 9 - reg ballet, 10 - ballet + pre-pointe, 11 - ballet + beginning pointe work when they are approved and x-rayed).  But her sister has offered to help her start doing some of the simple theraband strengthening exercises in a few months.  :-)  In fact, I'll be joining them in those exercises - I'm not far from 50 and can use the ankle and foot strengthening!  

Thank you for your kind greeting!  


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