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Locking head in fouettes

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Hello! I'm fifteen and I dance six days a week. One of my teachers today said that in my fouettés, I have the strength to do them but my head gets locked and I stop spotting. I know what she means, but I'm having trouble applying the correction. How can I fix that?

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Victoria Leigh

There is really no other answer to that, pirouettegirl123, than just keep spotting!  Breathe,  focus, and turn the head, quickly. If you lose focus, the turns will not work. Spotting is something that once you learn how to do it, you just have to do it. It is focus and concentration. Sounds simple, and it isn't, but no one can fix that for you. Once you learned to spot, which obviously you have, then you just have to keep it going when doing multiple turns.

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Thank you!!

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