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European or UK Companies?

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I could not find this answer elsewhere so I thought I'd ask.

For at least 2 ballet companies that we looked at the companies (Royal Danish, and Scottish) are only open to EU or, in the case of Royal Danish Scandinavian citizens.  And yet, I know of Americans at Royal Danish. 

How do dancers get into these companies without EU membership?


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Dual citizenship? I know of many dancers who have both a European passport and other (DD included). It's been very useful. Alternatively it seems that if a ballet company (the world over) really wants a certain dancer they find a way around the legalities to employ them! 

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Hi learningdance,

     I know of several non-EU and non-Scandinavian  dancers at the Royal Danish Ballet and they were given a job at the company via audition.   They have to get a work Visa, but the process is supported by the company.  The company does get some support from the state of Denmark, but they do audition and employ non-EU dancers.  I do not know about the Scottish ballet.  

All the best!

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UK/EU law requires that the employer must advertise a post for 28 days across the EU, and if they cannot fill the post with an EU citizen, then they can employ foreign nationals. I've interviewed for new academic faculty and we've appointed foreigners, if they prove themselves to be the best candidates. We just have to show that the other candidates weren't appointable.

I should think that such a test would be "passed" by a foreign dancer if a company really wanted them. 

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