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Beginner Dancer (I'm french)

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Hello, all first I discover this forum that speaks little to be good dance, well I do not know I do not understand because I am a French if it happens I fall to be in the right place LOL

I would like to have your opinion on my improvised dance
I danced on the new song of camila cabello on OMG

I would like to know if my dance is horrible to watch or I have the means to get there?

I would like to know if my movements are too repetitive or not and is that I have the rhythm or not?

I was often told that my dance was ugly, I do not know if it is really the case or if it is just for gratuitous malice?

What do you think ?

To have written the subject in English I helped the google translator

Thank you :)





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I’m sorry, alexdance, but we do not permit videos to be linked such as this, so I had to remove it.  (The video did not play, anyway).

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