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Multiple ballet teachers vs single teacher

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LyricalP, I think it should be noted that there is a big difference between experiencing various teaching personalities while away during the summer and  day to day technique training in a year round setting. I do agree with you that sometimes a different approach, perspective and terminology can be helpful when a dancer is struggling with a specific concept. It is also certainly fun and interesting to work with a new choreographer or take a master class with a new teacher, but in the day to day training when various teachers want to see something different can be a disadvantage. I am sure it can be done if all staff are on the same page but that is not always the case.

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Sounds like the teachers might not be communicating enough with each other. 

Four different regular teachers would be too many if they are teaching differently enough and the students are having to change methods for each class.

My daughter has never had an issue with the variety at intensive, with four different teachers over the course of three weeks.  However, having four teachers for four classes year round does seem  challenging. 

It’s one thing to have variety and another for the basic method to vary.  I can imagine if the teachers have different backgrounds that students might have trouble adjusting technique per class.  My daughter has had a maximum of two regular ballet teachers not counting subs and make ups. 

While there are some differences, my daughter has been able to adjust.  I think it is because she has exposure to other teachers periodically and she manages to follow.

Four does seem like a lot if they are teaching different methods for the same movements. 


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Noodles, I definitely agree. My dd has gone to a different summer program each year for the past 3 years & the results are splendid despite the different schools, multiple teachers, and sometimes even multiple genres. As for the year-round training, the dance season has ended for us & students' abilities & placements are scattered. My dd did okay, but my niece seemed affected by this disarray in her level & has to repeat it. Many dancers are leaving because they aren't happy with the overall results from this past year. But I took the advice from dancemaven & spoke with the AD. Apparently many parents spoke up & she ensured me that this type of scheduling won't happen again. We will stick with the school for another year &  hope that things look up.

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