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2018 College Congrats! Let's Celebrate!

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The time is here! We want to celebrate, congratulate and share in the joy of our parents, dancers and even teachers who have students reaching the goals of one of the following: Ballet trained dancers attending colleges in dance related majors, Ballet trained dancers attending college in other majors but continuing to dance

The purpose of this thread is to congratulate those who have accepted and are attending either a Ballet specific college program for the fall or plan to attend college and dance on the side while majoring in another subject.

We ask that our College bound wait to share until they have made a FINAL decision where they are going. We do not want this thread to become a string of acceptances and scholarship information. We want to celebrate your transition into the academic world and that includes your decision on an actual offer to take. Teachers, please have permission of your parent/dancer to post.

In prior years, this thread has not only been used to celebrate, but also to track, confirm and debunk some of the "beliefs" out there about who and how college decisions are made. So we do ask that you share a bit about your journey without too many specifics. This helps our younger members see the wide variety of training, acceptances, etc. that come from our membership. We understand that we are but a very small segment of the ballet world here at BTFD, but over time, we've learned that we can see trends within our membership.  Feel free to post and share the actual college or not, that is up to you!

Feel free to either write the information in paragraph form or use the guideline we've developed over time.

So as coined by one of our members, Let the "Contractuballetions" begin:


(Sample form)


Main/Most recent training: (ex. small local school, small company affiliated school, residency, etc. Do not list the program unless you want to)

Level of school completed: high school grad, partial college, college grad

Audition method: SI audition, YAGP, video, on site

School attending: major or minor

Position process/progress: graduating high school, or attending after being a Trainee or professional dancer for a time.

Words of wisdom about the process/decisions:  

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