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My son was in a similar situation. He did afternoon/evening training through 8th grade. Then, for 9th grade, he was invited to come to the daytime program 2x a week. Fortunately, he already was attending a "university model" type private school where he attended all his class on Mondays and Wednesdays and then had independent work to complete the other days of the week.

That was actually a pretty hectic year for him. It was a lot easier in 10th grade when he made the switch to all daytime training and simply did online school (and easier even still when he transferred to a ballet boarding school his senior year that had offered academics). 

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Rc5678,  our family has used Stanford Online High School as both part time supplement to other schooling, and full time.  It is outstanding and very rigorous.  For a certain type of student it will work beautifully.  My nondd who attended full time met several ballet students through her classes.  She is at university now and was extremely well prepared.  The teachers are amazing but because it is live online at set times, it is not as flexible as other asynchronous programs.  If you have specific questions feel free to PM me.

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Salmonpoint, thank you for the info! I believe we are leaning away from online schooling for the 2018-19 year (at least full-time), but in the future if I have questions I would love to have you as a resource. Thanks!

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