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Crunching Toes

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Hi! I was wondering how to make sure that I'm not crunching my toes or trying to grip the floor too much in class? My old shoes didn't fit well which caused a bad habit (especially on releve!) and it's hard to see/tell whether I'm pointing my foot correctly when I'm wearing shoes.

Especially when I'm pointing, I feel as if I cannot lengthen my toes if I want to achieve a nice line. 

Thank you teacher/moderators in advance for your help!

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Clara 76

One of the things I will do is ask my dancers periodically to take at least a few barre exercises without their shoes, so I can really see what they are doing and whether they are really using their feet. It has helped me to better help them! Perhaps ask your teacher for help with this issue. Maybe she will want you to try the same thing as well! Meanwhile, make sure you get a properly fitted ballet shoe next time!

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Hello Ms. Clara! 

Thank you for your response! I had completely forgotten to respond, but in the next class, I had requested that my teacher allow me to not wear shoes for a class. She helped me identify the root of the issue & feel what the correct placement is, & it has improved greatly (with consistent attention :)). 


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