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pointes ???

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Ok, here is the thing:

I have started ballet at age of 43 ten months ago. I am taking 2 classes, one beginner and one labeled 2nd/3rd year.

When the teacher of the latter announced next season it will be the 3rd/4th year class, the girls* suddenly started about going on pointe. 

The teacher said we could start working on that, and also that it won't happen immediately, because we need to gain strength etc... 

That alone made them to get really exited. Suddenly they turned to me and said: "you are in on this as well aren't you?" 

I objected that men aren't supposed to do it. But they insisted that men do it all the time for training, and that I could most certainly do it, and that it would be so much fun and... 

now I am here googeling, seeing pictures of men doing it, once I saw a guy doing it after an open class I took, and now I start actually to consider doing it.

However, next to the question if I am already good enough to do it which should be answered by my teacher, I am also wondering if there are pointe shoes available in my size at all (EU 45/46, sansha 18 extra wide). 

So two questions:

1) should I pursue this at all? 

2) can I get my size in europe? 



* most of them are about ten years younger than me

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On 26.5.2018 at 9:37 AM, wijnmoer said:

So two questions:

1) should I pursue this at all? 

2) can I get my size in europe? 

For 1:

- Do you want it

- Does your teacher say you are ready for it.


This is all counting - men can do pointe, even on high levels. And if there is no Men's class for partnering and high jumps, why not take the other side. I mean, you are not afraid of looking gracios when taking ballet classes anyway - otherwise you would be in hip hop.


Here in the ballet academy all men take pointe class to a certain degree for strenght and balance. So the professions do it. I think every town with a professional ballet academy has a pointe shoue fitter that has seen already some men.

For number 2:

They have until size 45 (european) in our local dance shop near the academy - perhaps just ask in a good shop.


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Dear Old_Faun, 

many thanks for your response. I am still thinking and haven't had a proper discussion with my teacher yet. Currently the upcoming performance has more priority... 

I have asked around, apparently our local shop is not an option to get properly fitted. 

I would have to travel anyway but I also do get around for work. Would you mind to get more specific on the shop you have mentioned? Maybe via PM?

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