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Adult Summer Intensives- a list

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Is anyone considering or planning to attend the artEmotion program in SLC http://www.artemotion-summerintensive.org/general? I am considering it. I'm older though and have some worries about taking class with dancers so much younger. Also, they only offer Beginner and Advanced levels. I am not a beginner but I also would not want to put myself in a class of 20-something year old advanced dancers. I really need an intermediate level class. But I liked that this program was just two classes per day. Programs like Sun King have too many classes in a day. I don't think I could do that.

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Hi Anna,


I don't have personal experience with the InStudio intensive, but I remember looking at the curriculum last year. At that time, it looked like many of the classes (all of the technique classes, I believe? I don't remember exactly) lined up with their normal open class evening/weekend schedule. I did not pursue this option myself, but if I were researching it in more detail I would want to know if there are dedicated classes for the intensive or if participants join the normal open classes for some or all of the intensive program.


Good luck!

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Thanks! I'm all signed up (yikes!) It's local for me and a reasonable cost so I thought I'd give it a shot.

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