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  2. Thedancermom, you may note the ”unregistered” below “Guestalexandra_v96” ‘ name. Both the “guest” in her name and the “unregistered” indicate that she is no longer a member here. Therefore, she will be unable to answer your questions.
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  4. Guest alexandra_v96 I was following the Boston Conservatory thread from a while back since my daughter is going there next weekend to audition. I was wondering if you could give her some insight into the audition as far as what to expect. She thought she heard everyone auditioning has a chance to show their solo.. so no cuts half way through the audition? What is the ballet portion consist of and is there an actual contemporary audition or more modern technique?? Also any improv in this audition? She is classically trained in ballet, but her love is contemporary dance and really hopes to get in a contemporary company someday! Thanks in advance!!
  5. Victoria Leigh

    Company or Training Audition Intentions

    Airbell, if you, and your teachers, think you are ready for a trainee or second company position, then check that box. I think that companies often do find students they are interested, but do not find them quite ready, and accept for the SI. It's possible that they could offer some scholarship assistance, but there is never any guarantee of anything in the dancer audition world. Good luck to you!
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  7. This is really what matters....not that one is a star at any age but that one chases their dream and makes it a reality. There are so many more lovely dancers living their dreams at smaller companies than there are at large well known companies, they are all success stories!
  8. My dancer never auditioned for SAB or ABT. She auditioned once each at age 14 for SFB and PNB - was not accepted. She auditioned for Boston once, at age 14 - waitlisted. She never did YAGP or any other competition. She did have nice acceptances, good level placements, and a scholarship along the way to other less selective programs. Now, at 19, she's still dancing as a ballet BFA major in a selective, albeit not the most selective, college program. She's not the top of the heap by any stretch, but she's still in there and still striving to move forward in her field. She'll likely never dance for a large company that everyone's heard of, but she might dance for a smaller regional company someday, and that would be fulfilling for her. So there's my middle of the pack dancer story for you.
  9. Danicole07

    Boston Ballet School

    Noodles, I agree with you and answered all her specific questions in here. Just offered my email for follow up that maybe specific to my daughter and hers. This has been offered to me in the past by other parents and it was helpful to take it off-line, especially when you are thinking of sending your 15 year away from home. I also do it for the safety of my daughter. I don’t want to put it in a public forum specific information on where her specific location is, etc., as she is walking around Boston alone at times. Hopefully this is well within the rules of the forum as I have found it helpful.
  10. Noodles

    Boston Ballet School

    It would be beneficial to everyone, who would like more information about the program, if you could continue sharing information here! 😉
  11. Auditions for the summer course in Bellevue is separate from the PNB summer intensive in SEA that was held last weekend. My DD has grown up in PNB program but there were many kids that joined her class in the past couple of years. If you arrive during the summer, they would want you to start with the Bellevue summer classes which (as mentioned by another poster) are pretty extensive (ballet technique and prepointe/pointe classes every day) as well as alternating character/modern/jazz classes throughout the week. Year round students at PNB really enjoy this program and some of the best students participate. So it is a great entry point to have your daughter exposed to the PNB program and determine if it is the right fit.
  12. I've been on this board longer than I care to admit. My daughter until the age of around 11/12 was maybe what you might call a top of the pack dancer. Enter puberty...and growth spurts..and injuries, and suddenly, she wasn't top of the pack any more. It was a rough couple of years for her, but I will say it was a big gift in a way. She had to learn a different kind of determination and tenacity to stay positive and stay focused, even when despite her best efforts she couldn't get a step, or the teachers stopped paying her the kind of attention she was accustomed to. More importantly, she learned how to get over herself. She wasn't egotistical, ever, but she had certainly grown accustomed to things being a certain way for her, and when that changed, it created a bit of an identity crisis, and she really had to think hard about why she danced, and whether she wanted to continue if she wasn't the best. As it turns out, yes, she does want to continue. She left for a residential school this fall, and I think that the eye opening that she had a couple of years ago, has really helped her. She's middle of the pack there, but instead of being thrown by it, or upset by it, or fretting over casting decisions etc., I'm pleased to say that it's been a very positive and smooth transition for her thus far. I honestly 100% believe that her experience of falling from her top dog position was an incredible strength and resilience building exercise, and I'm glad it happened when she was younger, and still at home, so we could be there for her. So, if your daughter is not the best, and she loves dancing anyway, I think that's fabulous! Just keep being her biggest fan, and supporting her. You can't count her out at this young age.
  13. I think you made the right decision, and I'm sure they understand and of course won't hold it against her! Its not the first time it's happened, they had a big blizzard two years ago or so... I'm sure it will all work out for the best. Glad you are staying safe!
  14. We JUST heard back from her admissions counselor who said not to worry, and to stay safe. I’m not going to chance it. I am hoping maybe they will slide us into the on-campus audition on the 26th perhaps, even though it would be a much longer trip, she would get to see the campus at least. It’s not worth putting our lives at risk, and hopefully they school understands and doesn’t hold this against her.
  15. We're going to go. I'm coming from the south, Philly area, so it seems it will be mostly rain for me - quite a different situation than you! For what it is worth, I don't think I personally would do it if I were you. We are also supposed to drive to Erie tomorrow for an audition Monday; I'm waiting until tomorrow morning to decide on that. Makes you wish they could do auditions in the summer... Good luck to you and your dancer!
  16. Thank you. We did email super early this morning, but no response. We had a feeling that no one would answer the phone. At this point I was getting ready to risk it, but we will really put putting ourselves at risk, driving back so late. I just don’t want this to hurt her chances and this was our closest audition location. Even if they reschedule I worry about it conflicting with other auditions! What have you decided to do?
  17. I called Friday with the same concern, and the person on the phone told me they will have a contingency plan for people that cannot travel because of the weather. She wasn't sure what that plan would be, perhaps video audition? She was really pleasant and set my mind at ease if we decided not to travel. I would give them a call... though not sure you would reach someone today. Also, if you decide not to travel, I would email immediately. I'm sure they'll be able to work something out for you!
  18. If your DD is a newly turned 13 year old, it's way too early to know. If you could look back on my DDs and their classmates at 11-14, you wouldn't pick my girls to be the ones auditioning for companies at 20. Nope. But determination and perseverance won the day so far. The chosen one quit at 16, after (my opinion) moving to the holy grail of 3-letter programs at 14 (way too young) and burned out or lost the passion or got in with the wrong crowd (who knows what really happened). And others deemed more likely at that age have trickled off as well - one with a chronic medical condition, several who preferred the football games and sorority/party life of college (let me tell you, there's some to-die-for feet from DDs childhood studio out there no longer in pointe shoes), another might still try to come back from a year plus off due to surgery. At 13, the money bet would not have been on my kids. Will they have a successful audition season? I have no idea and I'm a total basket case right now. But they will give it their all and see where it takes them. They have never had the charmed path but they are still on the path and they have a great back up plan for next year to be able to audition again if needed NOW, with that said, this all depends on what you mean by middle of the road dancer. The good, foundational training has to be there. A decent enough facility has to be there. And you have to get outside of whatever small isolated environment many start in to see where they really fit in the big picture. The dancers with the gorgeous facilities (read potential) who get all the acceptances and scholarships from the big names at 12-14, aren't always the best dancers when they get to be 16-18. And don't be fooled by the Instagram photoshoot crowd. Many, not all but many, who can strike a beautiful pose can't string it together in a classroom. Beautiful lines in a photo do not a dancer make. DDs spent two years at a smaller, less intense, studio at 17/18 to work closely with a particular coach. They had the foundation from the professional school but needed something else to help them get to that next level that their home school just wasn't able to provide for them at that time (had a lot to do with confidence that DDs never got because of the extreme favoritism growing up). The dancers who grew up at that smaller studio largely don't have the foundation needed to continue past high school. So the middle of the road dancer there, isn't the same as a middle of the road dancer at a true pre pro school. The top dancer there can't hold a candle to the middle of the road dancer at the pre pro school. (That's our particular city's scenario, don't mean to imply that other small schools can't provide a great foundation because some certainly can just as some pre pro schools shed all or most of their younger students by 15-16 in favor of students with solid foundations gained elsewhere.)
  19. We are considering retaining legal counsel in this matter. I was wondering if anybody here is able to share helpful hints and strategies.
  20. Help! College audition today scheduled for 3:30 pm in Brooklyn, and now MAJOR storm coming with up to 2 feet from Albany area to our home in CNY. 4.5 hour drive, planned to drive back afterwards. Don’t want to stay overnight because likely snowed in until Monday if we do. Other audition slots filled. Suggestions? Anyone know if they make exceptions for weather issues?
  21. Thank you Eligus and Nooldes for articulating fully what my "confessional" post was trying to convey. My DD is just a few days into being 13 and I haven't yet made the transition to the 13 and above group. She still looks like a tiny baby to me and I keep forgetting she is no longer 12
  22. I’d say my DD(10) is completely average (or maybe even below) in her innate talent. Every year she starts at or near the bottom of the pack in her level. Sometimes she makes it to the middle by the time spring recital rolls around, but not always. What she is above average in is her dedication, willingness to work hard, and need to dance. I worry about where that combo will lead in the future, but my hope is that the dedication eventually becomes more important than innate talent and helps her get wherever she decides she wants to go with dance.
  23. Danicole07

    Boston Ballet School

    pdxballetmom, typo in my email it’s danicole07@icloud.com
  24. pdxballetmom

    Boston Ballet School

    Thank you, Danicole07! I will email you with a bit of a follow up. I appreciate it!
  25. Eligus & Noodles - thank you for your posts! Us parents of -13 dancers need your insight most of all! Just in case they disappear, I took screen shots 😁
  26. Ballerinamom2girls

    Where are the parents of average ballet dancers?

    What types of posts do you want to see? I've read a ton of SI posts over the years and there seem to be just as many posts about rejections/waitlists as there are about scholorships.
  27. Danicole07

    Boston Ballet School

    pdxballetmom, congrats to you and your daughter. You can email me directly if needed: danicle07@icloud.com if you had any follow up. My daughter absolutely loves it we Boston. She has 3 roommates and lives at the housing provided by Boston that has a house mom. There are 16 total boarding students at this location this year, 4 boys. You can email Ashley directly at BB, who is the adminstrator of the prepro program. She will provide you with the detailed information, including cost. She is very helpful and answered a lot of my questions even before DD was accepted, as this was the program she wanted to go to year round. It is about a 20 min walk to the studio. She said you get use to it quickly and has yet to complain about it. Some dancers also get apartments and stay close to the studio. These are your older girls 16-18. It could potentially be a cost savings depending on scholarships offered. BB does give financial schlorships if needed. The area is very safe and DD has not have any issues. It’s cool to see her navigate the city when we go see her. hope that’s helpful on the living arrangements. Email for additional questions.
  28. Oops, me too, I saw this in my unread content and commented without noticing it was for under 13’s. Sorry!
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