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  3. Thanks Fraildove, that's probably going to be a lot easier than trying to find tights to match. The teacher doesn't mind the color for class but if these end up being a good shoe and she intends to wear them on stage, the teacher would like to see more continuity of color.
  4. Nice article from Friday's New York Times about Isabella Boylston and Devon Teuscher: Tale of two dancers
  5. Prix de Lausanne winner off to ENB

    Article in today's Toronto Star about Canadian Shale Wagman. https://www.thestar.com/entertainment/stage/2018/07/21/a-canadas-got-talent-star-at-age-12-prodigy-joins-english-national-ballet.html
  6. Can I ask why my post was put under pre-professional training when it’s a post secondary professional 2 year conservatory? Thanks
  7. Oregon Ballet Theater

    AngelaK, was she asked to stay in level 6 or for OBT2? When my daughter was there anyone placed in level 6 could have stayed on to train, but being invited to OBT2 was another thing altogether and those invitations were limited.
  8. Tights to match Capezio pointe shoes?

    Not sure what the tights would end up looking like in that color. Another option is to pancake the shoes to match the tights. That might be easier. I know that the body wrapper A45’s in theatrical pink (very pale pink, not orangey pink) can be matched exactly using snazaroo’s complexion pink pancake. It’s super easy and can be touched up as the shoes get dirty. It leaves no residue on Marley flooring and really gives a beautiful line. It is nearly the same color once dried as Russian pointe, just a matte finish
  9. I'm not putting this in the pointe shoe topic forum so parents can chime in - my daughter was recently fit for a pair of Capezio Ava pointe shoes and they are a rosy color. Does anyone know what color tights match these shoes? She's previously been in Grishko or Russian Pointe and her ballet tights all matched the shoes well, now they look like "goose feet" according to her ballet teacher . She loves the shoe on her but would like her to try to find a pair of tights that match better.
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  11. Talking Turnout

    The correction happened when DD was standing in 5th position. The teacher informed her that she was not actually standing in 5th. She then physically placed her heels, tightening her position. This torqued DD’s ankle and she complained to me of pain later that day. Full disclosure, I am a dancer, but not trained in the Vaganova technique. There are good reasons I chose to outsource her training, and I would never undermine her teachers. Yet, my alarm bells are ringing. Is this Vaganova, this particular teacher, or my daughter’s misunderstanding of the correction? How can she ask for clarification without challenging her teacher? She really wants to start out on the right foot (pardon the pun) at this new studio. BTW, this is a SI and her first introduction to this school.
  12. Talking Turnout

    I'm going to just take a stab at this from a teacher point of view. At 11, it could be quite easy to confuse a correction. If the child understands that the rotation comes from the hips, but received a correction such as "from 5th to a tendu front, (assuming that the 5th is at her best rotation at this point in time), the advice might have been to "lead from the heel as you tendu". (This advice would be opposite, for instance, in a tendu back from 5th.) The best way for you to help her is to advise her to clarify the correction with her teacher.
  13. Talking Turnout

    Yes I think that is true she has trouble controlling her turnout. More fundamentally, she has trouble accessing it in the first place, which is why I am concerned about a correction that focused more on feet than hips. But again, I am unsure if that was her translation of the correction or the correction itself. I suspect DD truly doesn’t understand how to access her natural turnout and I’m unsure how to help her. We switched schools because her former pre-pro school interpreted her limited turnout as an anatomical limitation, which was refuted by two PTs who measured her range of motion and felt her potential is far greater than her current range. They suggested different training might make more sense to her body. She was evaluated at two other pre-pro schools in our region over the past two years. Both saw more potential in DD than her former school, but agreed her turnout needs work.
  14. Oregon Ballet Theater

    AngelaK, My daughter has been attending the school of OBT for many years now, and I would completely disagree with the comment above. I suppose it is subjective. The ballet school world in Portland is pretty competitive, and there are a lot of arguably good schools. My DD is in the intermediate level, and has had top notch training, reflected by acceptances and scholarships to all of the most selective Summer Intensives for many students in all intermediate and upper levels. There is a brand new school director, but so far we have seen few changes in the teaching staff. I suspect we may see less of an emphasis on Balanchine technique, but she is so new it is too soon to tell. From my experience, I believe your DD will receive excellent training. The teachers all have varied focuses and come from a variety of styles but strong clean technique is a unifying emphasis. All told, the students learn a clean American style. We have had no regrets.
  15. Boys, ballet and flexibility

    Thanks everyone, it is reassuring to hear about your sons’ experiences and to know that DS has time to develop his flexibility. He is one of those tall boys so it sounds like it will take him a while. I will talk to him about this possibility so that he does not get discouraged if results don’t come as quickly as he would like. The audition results will be out in September. If unsuccessful, I will keep trying to find DS other opportunities to attend boys classes. Not so easy in Sydney, especially for his age group.
  16. Talking Turnout

    I will leave it to the Teacher-Moderators to comment on this. Hopefully, vrsfanatic can shed some light on that turn out from the heels comment.
  17. Talking Turnout

    And another question. . . she has more turnout in passive stance than when actively trying to turnout? To me this means she has more natural turnout but struggles to control it when dancing?
  18. Talking Turnout

    New training. And I should mention that the correction is what DD heard and relayed to me. It may not be what her teacher actually said, but what DD understood.
  19. Talking Turnout

    Just to clarify, the instruction to turn out from the heels in fifth is from her prior training? Or from the new training?
  20. Talking Turnout

    DD11 recently switched schools to one in the Vaganova tradition. She is excited about the change but confused about some corrections she’s been getting with regards to her turnout. We’ve had her evaluated by two dance PTs who note that her active range is far more limited than her passive range. She has potential to improve her turnout, but the corrections she is receiving are contrary to what she has heard for six years (e.g an emphasis on turning out from the heels in fifth position). I want her to keep an open mind about corrections, yet she also must learn to respect her body. This is a tough balance for a young dancer. Any advice on how to approach this? I don’t want to come across as challenging her new school, especially since we are new to Vaganova and have much to learn, but I do want to help her understand how to work safely to avoid injury.
  21. Thank you Threegirlpileup. That's a good suggestion.
  22. Hello

    Good luck! Feel free to post questions, and I love your screen name... made me laugh. I remember those days...
  23. Oregon Ballet Theater

    It's not well thought of in Portland (although a lot of this is the childrens/intermediate division). However, I do know that they've hired dancers that they have asked to stay so I suspect the top level is different than the rest of the school.
  24. Oregon Ballet Theater

    My 16 year old DD was just invited to stay for the year round program. I’m wondering if anyone has any has any current information about this program? I realize there is a fairly new school director. I am hoping to learn something about the quality of instruction at this program.
  25. Ballet West Academy - Utah

    DD 18 still looking for housing and room mate for fall. She is working on leads but not confirmed. Please reply if you have suggestions. Thank you.
  26. Ballet schools in Florida - Tampa/St. Petersburg

    The school he was at in Cary, NC was International Ballet Academy, if that helps. They compete extensively in YAGP (the Florida regional), so you might be able to find and follow up on some of his students through their lists of finalists.
  27. Boys, ballet and flexibility

    Mother of 19yoDS here. I cannot tell you how often I wondered about this issue as DS was growing up. He had alot of great attributes but flexibility was never one of them. His nemesis for years was incredibly flexible- could do soooooooooooo many tricks and would wow the judges every time (or at least that was how it seemed). It really played with DSs confidence when he was about 12. Then one day the nemesis didn't win the regional competition and I overheard the Lighting Guy standing next to me chuckle. He nudged me and said 'its about time. We have all seen the tricks a million times'. Anyways that was very heartening at the time. So fast track 10 years and DS informs me that he can do 'pretty good' front and back splits (meaning they are 'good enough') but side splits elude him and he doesn't care. It is hard for many or most the boys who see the girls (some of them anyways) throwing splits around so casually. I really don't think the average male pelvis is built for this but they still want it. So far it hasn't stopped him from doing exactly what he wants in dance. I am pretty sure that any serious discussion of his 'splits status' would be now met with an eye roll and serve as proof that I just don't get it! Funny how the wheel turns.
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