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  2. MeganA

    Ready to move away again, fingers crossed

    Hi Derins Mum. This is great to hear because my son is starting at DNBA this August too! He was accepted after doing virtual YAGP and is super thrilled because it was his first choice and has always been his dream school. It would be lovely to contact you then our children would at least know each other. Harry is going into the Associate Degree program. I have booked him into the Student Hotel Amsterdam City. Where is your daughter going to live?
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  4. Looking for potential roommates, if your interested pleas lmk ASAP!!!
  5. Does anyone have any recent feedback to share about GMUs dance program? My dad just recently added it to her list.
  6. Andy32

    Dancing bud

    With guys, it's usually hit or miss. I have been in classes that were four men and four ladies, other times there may have been one other guy, but I'm usually the only guy. I wouldn't expect too much from ballet, at least for making friends.
  7. I suggest to run a Search on your search engine. I Googled Oswego, NY ballet and came up with a few options. I have not idea about quality, but one will never know without trying a class or two.
  8. vrsfanatic

    odd sensation in right 4th toe when doing runs?

    Perhaps you can speak with your teacher about it?
  9. I thought that may be the case but it has happened in multiple pairs of shoes and feels like an internal issue
  10. DanikaGeorgas

    Is it too late to become a professional ballerina?

    Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your advice and guidance! Also, thank you for correcting me, on using the appropriate term!
  11. Thank you @balletfan and @Redbookish It is looking highly unlikely that our daughter will be able to go. It is just too expensive...will be looking at cheaper options. Things are too uncertain these days to take on so much debt. It is still an honour to be accepted and she is very grateful for the offer.
  12. Central London rents are high. If the price is in pounds (GBP) (you've written the cost with a dollar sign, so I'm not sure) then that is a high rent, at around £700 GBP per month. It's high, but not exorbitant in London terms - rooms in shared houses can be around £600 to £1000 (GBP) per calendar month, depending on area. What is included in that cost? Utilities? Food - some student residence halls offer a catered service for breakfast & dinner, with options for a packed lunch. If it's walking distance to the EBNS, then there's a big saving on transport costs. How long is the
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  14. If you search on https://www.balletcoforum.com/forum/9-doing-dance/ there are threads about ENBS e.g. https://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/23856-enbs-accommodation/?tab=comments#comment-343518 https://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/23776-enbs-or-tring-sixth-form/?tab=comments#comment-342153
  15. Hello, I posted this in another forum, but I think my question is better suited here. My son will be going to college in Oswego and might like to take classes to keep in shape while he is there at a legit school if there is one near by. He is Vagonava trained. Thank you for any recommendations.
  16. vrsfanatic

    odd sensation in right 4th toe when doing runs?

    Could there be a lump or nail in your pointe shoe?
  17. I have noticed when i do runs on demi pointe while in point shoes in get a jolting sensation in my fourth toe on my right foot. if i am in soft shoes it doesnt happen. Its not painful, just annoying and i am worried it will progress into something worse.
  18. vrsfanatic

    Is it too late to become a professional ballerina?

    DanikaGeorgas, welcome to BalletTalkForDancers. It is lovely to have a new member with such enthusiasm and determination to to succeed in ballet. Your training journey thus far has been uneven at best, but not an unusual one. What remains to be seen is how much more training you may need to attain your goals. You need to ask yourself some very hard questions. I will use ABT as an example because you have stated that is one of your goals. In looking at the pictures of dancers in ABT, do you have a physique that is comprable to the photos you see. By this I mean long limbs, a long neck, small he
  19. Hi all, My daughter and her friend were both accepted into ENBS program for 21/22. We are not sure if we can afford her to go and am looking carefully at the housing costs. Could anyone tell me what a really good price for a shared room would be? What does expensive look like? We've been given a quote for $175 pound/week for one living option but I don't know if this is a good price. Also, what would be realistic amount for food per week? We're a family of seven so it's very easy to add a person to a large families grocery bill and it not amount to much. Living on your own can be more exp
  20. Here's my story: I started dancing at the age of three, with creative dance. I did creative dance for two years. I started ballet at the age of five. During that time, I also did character dance for two years. I did ballet for seven years. I took two years off, because tuition became more expensive, and I didn't want to create any kind of financial burden on my parents. I continued with tap, which I started to do at the age of eight. I did tap for seven years, and completed all of the levels. I started to get back into ballet at the age of fourteen, in my freshman year of high school.
  21. Hello, can anyone tell me whether OCU still ties weigh ins to grades in 2021? Seems harsh and outdated, especially when you account for the escalating numbers of young people who are suffering from eating disorders and depression. My daughter will be a prospective musical theatre student in 2023. I cannot in good conscience send my daughter to a program that applies these weight standards in school. I have read a lot of good info about OCU's program, but can't send my child into an atmosphere as described.
  22. Redbookish

    Ballet Training in Southern France

    Snap, Doubleturn - Rosella Hightower was my first thought as well.
  23. Doubleturn

    Ballet Training in Southern France

    Rosella Hightower school in Cannes and Princess Grace school in Monaco are both first class.
  24. OkieMom

    Ballet Training in Southern France

    You may want to inquire about Pascale Autrand Ballet. I believe she is near the French Riviera. She has been a guest teacher for many, including Ellison Ballet in NYC. I feel that one of her strong gifts is to train serious individual students. She is kind and a gifted teacher. Many of her students have gone on to dance professionally.
  25. Hi, My dancer is 14 and currently trains at the ABT School. Our family is looking to move to Southern France in a few years. We haven't settled on an area yet. We are looking at the mediterranean coast or Toulouse area or anywhere in between. I am looking to research ballet schools, companies, and programs in the area, as this will contribute to our decision on where to move. I know Paris is where everybody want to go to train, but we are not looking to that yet. Any recommendations or knowledge of ballet programs in France is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  26. Thank you @Dewaltz. Yes, that was my thinking as well. I did receive a reply back from BU and was told that it would be discussed with the dancers during the SI and that it would be an option. I'm now wondering if it's a one and done thing or if you feel like you didn't do well, could you re audition during their regular audition season?
  27. Blanche

    career coaching?

    Although it is a short-term program (and may be in progress now...), my older DD found Compass Coaching Project to be a life-changing experience. It is run by Dominic Walsh through Colorado Conservatory of Dance. The program is very small and individualized. It's not really ongoing, but it is a great resource once "in the fold."
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