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  2. Thanks dancemaven! From my reading this is the BBASI New York City reviews. (Maybe Russian SI's are intermingled in here) In other countries Russian Ballet International run summer intensives and auditions (video/in person). International students can go to their Moscow Summer Intensive or join the school year round. http://www.russianballetinternational.com/programs/ Same idea for Vaganova Academy summer intensive courses in St Petersburg and Europe through Russian Masters Ballet https://www.russianmastersballet.com/ I just wondered if there was a thread for these - maybe not.
  3. https://dancers.invisionzone.com/topic/49526-bolshoi-ballet-intensive-nyc-si-reviews-research/
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  5. Hi - maybe I need to look harder but.... I could not see info on Bolshoi Ballet Academy in the SI topic section. The Russian Ballet International program allows you to audition for this but I can not see this listed. Thoughts?
  6. No. That is NOT correct. Ooops someone covered this.
  7. Insidesoloist, I SO hear you! That’s not my exact situation right now, but it’s been very close at times. Do you have a gym nearby with a fitness studio? You’d have to time your visits right, but having access to that space during non-class times might be worth the price of a membership. And, if you can, I think you should schedule days (even once a week or once a month) to treat yourself to that far away class!
  8. Esmeralda

    Water During Auditions

    During auditions, I’ve noticed that no one seems to drink any water. I don’t drink water during barre because that could be distracting. However, is it okay to get a sip of water during center while I’m standing on the side as another group goes? Thank you!
  9. Thanks Fouronlychildren! My daughter wasn't old enough for year round consideration last year so we didn't attend the meeting. My mistake. Thank you for clarifying!
  10. SAB residential students from other states are allowed to attend NYC public school for free. Their address of record is 165 W. 65th Street and the SAB staff member responsible for academic support is listed as the student’s guardian for school purposes. This was explained at the meeting during drop-off weekend for families who were interested in staying year-round. The NYC public arts high school reserves a certain number of spots annually for new SAB year-round kids.
  11. Thank you for the info Texasblue and DanceMumNYC. To confirm I'm reading your comment correctly, residential SAB students whose parents reside out of NY state are not eligible to attend the NYC public school?
  12. Yes, we know a few kids who weren’t offered SI scholarships but ultimately were offered seats in the year-round program. I should add that these particular kids attended the SI more than once though. As for NYC public schools, they are always free, but one can only apply if they are a NYC resident & can provide proof of a NYC residential address (usually indicating that they pay taxes to the city/state of NY, which fund that public school system). I believe the NYC Dept. of Education lists acceptable proofs of residency on its website. Otherwise, several SAB students attend private school (like Professional Children’s School) or are homeschooled.
  13. Yes. I know a dancer who was offered a waitlist spot who is now there year round.
  14. Does anyone have first-hand knowledge of a dancer who was offered dorm/winter term from the SI who was not attending the SI on scholarship? Separately, this is kinda a dumb question, but is the NYC public school option free to residential students, or is there a fee because their tax paying parents are out of state?
  15. Last week
  16. Jody

    School of Alberta Ballet

    Hello- just wondering if any parents had recent reviews of this school particularly for the junior school and residence? Any information would be welcome!
  17. Oinkteller

    How to: Join PTA

    Hello! May I join too?
  18. KitriDC

    How to: Join PTA

    Good morning. May I please join the PTA?
  19. dancingninja

    SI Acceptance & Rejection

    I completely agree with dancemaven and mln! There are way too many other factors outside your DS’s control that can go into why some SIs offer scholarships and some don’t - really try to let go of that idea as quickly as possible. (I know that can be hard at first!) Our strategy has been to narrow down DS’s SI choices first to those with excellent training that met his training needs at that time (which have changed from year to year). DS is still waiting for a couple of responses from video auditions and he has one more live audition tomorrow. After that, he will have to decide where he wants to go based on what we can financially afford. Merde to all our DSs on their auditions this year! 😊
  20. insidesoloist

    How far do you travel to class?

    I love ballet, and I miss taking class regularly, but I don't currently have any decent classes within 45 minutes of me, and unfortunately, 30 minutes each way seems to be the point at which I chafe about the drive being too long. As a working mum, I just don't often feel I can take 3 hours away from home/the family very often. And it's not like there's anything for my family to do at/near the studio, so it's really just me going alone. I wish very much that my house had any space at all in which I could give myself barre, but -- trust me -- we do not. As a former dancer/teacher, I just can't bear to take class at the one place within a half hour, where they charge full price, but class isn't a full hour and a half, the floor is terrible, the teacher doesn't give exercises in the proper order, she doesn't use correct terminology for things, and she makes people bourrée on demi-pointe for ridiculously long periods of time. If I were single -- or even just childless -- I'd be happy to drive an hour for class, take some time in the coffee shop nearby, and then come home. But knowing the family/dishes/laundry/dog/errands are waiting for me, it's just too much. I very much miss my old house, where I had an attic with 8x10 feet of useable space, a barre set up permanently, and well-worn marley on my floor. I could take one spare hour or so a day and at least give myself barre on busy days. Sorry, that turned into a bit of a whinge! Does anyone else struggle with this?
  21. Renee111

    Hello to all

    Hello! I am a dancer seeking advice on the best hair gels for east asian hair types. I am one of the people in charge of slicking hair for my dance team, and the gels/hairspray we use just don’t hold the more slippery, straight hair. Any advice is appreciated ❤️
  22. pirouetteprincess100

    Boston Ballet School

    Is anyone attending the audition for the Pre-professioinal program at Walnut Hill on February 22? My daughter was contacted last week that she passed the pre screening, and we are planning to have her attend.
  23. mln

    SI Acceptance & Rejection

    It’s human nature to over-read summer audition results. I have been there. But try to resist, especially since your son is so young. And this advice is not just for rejections. Really nice scholarships can be mis-read as well. The s.i. decisions are based on many, many factors, most of which we’ll never know. And no audition result predicts the future. This is especially true for boys, who grow and develop over a very long span of time. Looking back on eight years of auditions, some of the best training and best career moves started with modest s.i. offers.
  24. twinkleandturn

    Value of SI for younger dancers?

    Leigh28-I think your post illustrates what may be the root value of an SI for a younger dancer-simply gaining experience! Both my DD and I feel a sense of accomplishment from her first SI audition last weekend and most importantly we have gratitude for gaining the experience.
  25. dancemaven

    SI Acceptance & Rejection

    Mom0f5dancers, no, not getting a scholarship offer does not mean it is like getting a “no”. Different programs have different financial aid available and have different philosophies of distribution for it. An invitation to attend is an invitation to attend. It means simply that the program folks believe your DS would be a fit and would benefit at their program. One should go where one feels the DK will get the best training at that particular time in their training journey. Scholarships are wonderful, but, unless they are a break-it necessity for the child to attend an SI, they can be just one factor in deciding what might be the best training for THAT particular time in training. So, please, get that thought out of your head!
  26. momof5dancers

    SI Acceptance & Rejection

    Congrats to your son Dancingninja! Is he still auditioning or did he make a choice already? We just got a yes to Miami, but the young dancer intensive. Is that a draw back? Meaning he would be old enough for the longer program, but he didn't get in. I just wonder what that means. I hadn't heard the thing that if you don't get a scholarship it is like getting a no. Now that is in my head. We shouldn't accept anything unless there is a scholarship?
  27. Desiderata

    So Danca College Fair

    Thanks again so much bbyblmrs, this is all great information!
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