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    Buddy board

    Can I be admitted
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    Just hit 30 Can I be admitted.
  4. DancerCR

    Natural Talent

    How do some people have so much natural talent? There are girls at my studio who are in fewer classes that me and are much younger but I feel like they are still better. How do I get past that and improve.
  5. DancerCR

    Holding Back

    I feel like in performances I hold back a little. Any tips for not holding back and giving it everything you got?
  6. DancerCR

    Taking lower level classes

    I was wondering what you think about taking classes several levels lower than your class(4 levels below) to go back to basics and really focus on technic and as a way to get extra classes in?
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  8. Hmm interesting, well if the owner told you to try that class then they probably know if it’s a good fit for you better then I would. It totally varies on schools. I took my RAD up to Advanced 1 so I’m familiar with the levels, then I switched to a Vaganova School. At this new school I would say their Intermediate Adult is comparable to RAD intermediate and Advanced Adult or the Senior Ballet classes is comparable or above RAD Advanced 2. I’ve taken other “advanced” classes and other “senior” classes that have been at what I would consider RAD intermediate or even grade 6 depending on the school. But anyways, it sounds like you’ll be fine! It’s okay if you feel lost or overwhelmed, it’s totally natural and happens to everyone. Just do your best to follow along to the combinations and stick them out to the end. You’ll adjust to the class I promise!
  9. Has anyone from BC been a part of the year-round school but only on a part-time basis? Either commuting within the city or from out-of-state? I'd like a little feedback if anyone has any -- logistics, how to figure out which days, etc. Thank you!
  10. mmballet

    Houston Ballet Academy

    Thank you Blance, My daughter had heard from others that going home for Thanksgiving is not an option, but it's nice to have that confirmed and understand the "why" behind it.
  11. Viviangrace

    Houston Ballet Academy

    Thanks Blance - this is super helpful. I'm glad it was a good experience for you & your family!
  12. learningdance Do you have personal experience with Pink Dorms? Their website says 18+, do you know if they sometimes allow younger residents?
  13. DancerCR


    I am a highschool dancer. My favorite style is ballet but i am also part of the competition world. I find anything and everything about ballet very interesting.
  14. DanceMumNYC by learningdance thank you for the advice. We are just waiting to hear back on any housing options at this point.
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  16. EnPointe38

    Turnout and arch

    It is important to note that all exercises and/or stretches are not created equal! Even “traditional” turnout stretches that everyone does have recently been proven to be detrimental rather than beneficial. For example, the frog stretch with the feet touching. In my studies I had read an article by a physical therapist cautioning against this stretch, saying it caused damage in the hips. But I ended up adding the stretch to my routine anyway— after all, everyone does it, so it can’t be all that bad, right? Well, after a week or so of doing this stretch with pressure (because without force, I wasn’t feeling anything), my hips began popping oddly. Needless to say I stopped that one right away! That taught me a lesson: to never assume just because a stretch is conventional, it is good. I had gymnastics coaches give me stretches that I later found out through professional PTs’ articles on the Internet were the cause of my destabilized ankles. If a stretch or exercise does not feel natural, or is not working the area it should, watch out: this is probably not be a good one for you personally. I have had that happen to me with both traditional stretches and an exercise my PT had me try. No body is exactly alike. That said, the other stretches and exercises are like tools you can add to your toolbox. Especially if you can’t see a PT, it is extremely helpful to have professional advice from resources in literature and online! Especially in this day and age where so much is known about the human body and the best ways to handle it, combined with the easiness of Internet posting and searching. I highly recommend that you, in real life and online, only use stretches advised by professionals (e.g. physical therapists and teachers). Wonderfully, there are many prolific dance physical therapists and teachers who have taken to the Internet. Of course there is false information, as there is everywhere, but it is relatively easy to tell if a source is legitimate or not. Doing your own research does come with risks, and may not be for everyone, but for me personally, I have found it super helpful.
  17. Blanche

    Houston Ballet Academy

    Viviangrace, for my DD's the training is better than anything they could have gotten close to home. Both also feel/felt that the teachers at HBA had a vested interest in them. Couple that with excellent training and like-minded classmates with a high level of talent, and for our family, it felt like "home." However, older DD was 17 when she went there and younger DD was almost 16, so I think by that age, they both had a solid foundation as well as a necessary maturity and independence. Neither was a "star" at their home studio, and neither expected anything without a lot of hard work and dedication. So both have thrived there. Those who were the stars and were able to adapt to being one of the crowd have done well. Others have had more difficulty with that transition. We have definitely seen some younger dancers struggle (most on the younger side, 14-15, who were at HBA on their own as opposed to younger dancers whose families moved with them--a set who seem to do very well). If your DD is younger, and you have the ability to move with her, that would be ideal. mmballet, yes, most, if not all, are cast in Nutcracker. The number of performances varies from roughly 5 performances to 20+ for some of the Pro2's. Out-of-town students cannot go home for Thanksgiving as there is rehearsal the night before and Nut opens the day after. At Christmas, younger students in Pro1 can request to go home on or before Christmas, but Pro2 and HB2 stay through the end of the Nut run (usually between Dec. 28th and 30th).
  18. Yes it is RAD level 6 but the new class is not RAD, actually categorized as Senior ballet with ages 15 and up. This particular studio’s “intermediate” the owner said, would be currently doing comparable grade 5 RAD level work with ages 10 and up. She also said the SR girls are quite advanced and there was some chatter among some of the students present during our discussion, that said they thought they were doing Intermediate RAD level and another said advanced so...hard to know until I’m there!
  19. DancerCR

    Nutcracker Mishaps

    Any good Nutcracker mishap stories? One Year in the nutcracker I was a mouse and right before I went on stage I got poked in the eye by someones elses whiskers(the whiskers were made out of pipe cleaners) My eye started watering so much I had a hard time seeing.
  20. DancerCR

    Different Nutcrackers

    I have heard of studios adding in whole new dances with different music into their nutcrackers. Do any of your studios do that and if so what are the dances called?
  21. Which method are you studying grade 6 in? RAD, Cecchetti, something else? Grades are different depending on methods, and descriptions like “Advanced” vary greatly between schools. Usually I support taking the chance and trying a harder class, be prepared to be in WAY over your head, but being challenged like that builds character (and confidence, if you aren’t afraid to be lost in a ballet class you must not be afraid of much!). Plus, sometimes taking the leap into a harder level is a necessary one, dancers are bound to outgrow their current class but 99% the next level up is NOT their “goldilocks” level. The lower level is to easy, the upper level is to hard, sometimes you just have to dance the upper level class and be the worst one there. Mostly everyone has been there, I know I have. But you’ll get better don’t worry. HOWEVER, if we are talking like RAD grade 6 and like Advanced classes the way I know them, I think your being very ambitious. Why not try an intermediate class first? Just be prepared for things to move quickly. Take your time and ask questions but don’t hold up the class for the other dancers. And when dancing with other dancers, if you don’t know what you are doing, stay behind the people who do, and make sure you don’t end up blocking someone’s dance path! Best of luck!
  22. Hi dancers, I have just registered for an advanced ballet class. It is with older youth. I’m a little intimidated by the advancement. I won’t be dancing en pointe. But that is my goal one day:) Is the leap too much too soon?!
  23. DancerCR

    Extension Improvement

    "Claudia Dean World" on youtube has several videos about getting higher legs that I find really helpful. She is a former dancer with the Royal Ballet and is a dance coach in Australia. Hope that helps.
  24. DancerCR

    tips for getting clara

    My studio's Nutcracker auditions are about a month away and I am really hoping for the part of Clara (just like almost every other girl auditioning). I am in the right age and skill level that has been cast as Clara in the past so I feel like I have a chance, but there are at least 8 other girls that also have a really good chance. Our teacher has told us at this point our face is the most important part of getting Clara. To start work on prepping for the audition I have been watching a lot of videos on youtube to help my acting(I have watched tons of nutcrackers, coppelia, la fill ma gardee, and any other ballet with a character similar to Clara. Do you guys have any other tips that I could use to help my chances?
  25. learningdance

    ABT Jackie Onassis School

  26. Viviangrace

    Houston Ballet Academy

    Hi Blanche, Thank you also for that information. HB seemed to emphasize in my meeting that they were very focused on excellent training, even in HB2 . Do you feel that your training there has been excellent and is adequately preparing your dancer? It sounds like a fairly large class size and I'm just wondering if there is much personal attention - especially for a younger pro1 level dancer that is still developing? I guess that's our constant struggle - is it better to be in a bigger professional company-attached school or stick with smaller, more individualized training until my dancer is a little older and has a firm foundation?? We've been in a larger professionally attached school before and found the kids were so over-scheduled with rehearsals for performances that the training really was not the priority.
  27. Victoria Leigh

    Turnout and arch

    I must add here that I am very wary of trying to learn physical exercises from books and videos. Also I don't like the idea of having a "partner" do the stretching. A Physical Therapist or a Teacher is one thing, but a partner is not likely to have the knowledge to safely do the work of a PT or Teacher.
  28. Ditto here. We opened a US bank account when our dd spent time in the US. She paid her rent by cheque. For this dd, the local bank was located in between the school and her apartment, so avoiding other bank ATMs was easier. Another daughter also studied in the US, but she was 21 when she went so opened the account on her own. I don't remember exactly how she transferred funds - must have had the local bank here transfer money.
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