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  2. Bellaclaire

    Sup dancers

    Hey everyone, this looks like a good place for encouragement and advice, look forward to being around!
  3. Mommame

    Washington Ballet School

    Thank you so much! I worry about walking home at night from PTPB if she doesn’t have someone to walk with as well. Lots of things to think about so I really appreciate your post.
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  5. MHDanceDad

    Orlando Ballet School

    We are looking into this program as they seem to be SEVIS approved for foreign students. Does anyone have experience getting SEVIS approved for this trainee/ pre-professional program?
  6. DanceMumNYC

    Nutcracker 2019

    Haha I go to almost all of the shows every year & never get tired of it!
  7. Hi Mommame! Yes, PTPB classes are usually at the Joseph Coleman studios on weekday evenings. Occasionally they are held at the main, but for the most part they are at the Joe. I believe that on Saturdays PTPB is in the main as well. I will keep an ear out for possible roommate availability for January start time.
  8. What other performing opportunities does the student have? Are there student-only performances that give them the opportunity to hone their performing skills? I think that is what's important. It doesn't have to be in a lead role or part of the company rep. A dancer's training, particularly by mid-teens, should have a performing component because there are no barres on the stage. A skilled technician in the classroom doesn't always translate to a moving performer on the stage. The dancer who shines on stage with that special something will win out over the technician who is classroom-perfect but lacks presence. I would say not to worry about building a repertoire of classical roles. Dancers come from all sorts of training backgrounds and experiences. When it comes to auditions, either later for companies or sooner for trainee / year-round type programs, it's the dancer in from of them that matters. The list of roles on a resume is secondary, if that. If the dancer doesn't get much performing during the year, maybe look for summer programs that offer that opportunity.
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  10. mommamoni

    Auditions: Dreadlocks....

    Completely agree with Www and yes it may be very discouraging Girlmom. My DD is 11. We only do protective styles. Once I allowed her to get it straightened for recital. Horrible idea. It completely damaged her hair & took a year to correct. A helpful mom showed me some products & larger buns that could be used while keeping her hair natural. When she's older she'll probably have to make additional changes but for now, I decided againgst it since her reasoning was basically about conforming to fit in.
  11. Girlmom

    Auditions: Dreadlocks....

    This has been an enlightening conversation although a bit discouraging. My 6 year old daughter has locs. She is in her third year of dancing and she absolutely loves it! I am typically able to get her hain in a nice neat bun for recitals. I just hate to think of her hair affecting her ability to have certain opportunities as she gets older if that is what she chooses to do. Her hair texture ia very thick and even when I would do ponytails really well it would frizz up by the end of a performance, so the locs work much better for maintenance with her anyways. Maybe I am making to big of a deal out of nothing. She has awhile to decide what she wants to do with he dancing and her hair.
  12. epicurious1, I have 2 dancers and we have homeschooled so they both did dual enrollment through Belhaven and loved the instructors and classes. I have one competitive/commercial dancer (not a fit for Belhaven) and the other is a High School senior ballerina who is just going through the process of auditioning and deciding where she will go next year. Both of my girls know many dancers who are now or have been at Belhaven through summer intensives and all of those who are there truly love it. I definitely suggest you reach out to them at the school and I am sure you can get in touch with current students who would be glad to share their experience! As far as being a Catholic, because that is also a Christian worldview it should not do anything but reinforce your current beliefs. In that area of the south you should easily be able to find a church and mass very close by as well. Best of luck to you!
  13. Mommame

    Washington Ballet School

    Quick question are the ptpb classes held at the Joseph Coleman studios most nights? thanks!
  14. Mommame

    Washington Ballet School

    Hello My daughter was accepted to PTP but due to HS arrangement and graduation was unable to begin until January 2020. She was moving in with an overseas flat mate but as of today this has fallen through. We were wondering if anyone is interested or knows of anyone needing a flare mate for the second semester starting in January?She is 17 years old and we are working with Donna who has been wonderful but I thought I would post as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are feeling a little stressed now that her flat mate has pulled out. Cheers.
  15. 100% Polar. I also think it's a red flag for anyone's current studio that if you or your DK says "no," that action results in any kind of backlash. This situation may sound odd to those who have never experienced such an environment, (and for those who trust their teachers/administration implicitly for training decisions), but "opportunities" may be detrimental to your DK's long term goals and health. When you are in such an environment, you must retain your strength as a parent to have the well being of your whole child at heart. It can be difficult to say "no" when the "opportunity" is pitched as a furthering of your DK's goals... especially when your DK BELIEVES that to be true.
  16. Bumping so I can stay current on this topic for my own "tall dancer". But, a question, also - and not sure if it's in the correct place here - but, how important is it to attend a school that is attached to/affiliated with/feeds into a dance company that loves tall dancers? For example, since I've heard Ballet West loves tall dancers, would attending Ballet West Academy make it more likely for DD to be hired into the company?
  17. · My daughter attends a ballet school attached to a professional company, so there are not any opportunities for the students to be involved in full length ballets where the students can be cast in all of the roles. In the productions the students are able to be in with the company dancers, i.e. Nutcracker, the rolls that are available are minimal, especially as the students get into the higher levels of the program - the roles for older dancers are usually reserved for company members, 2nd company members, or trainees. So, once past Clara age, there is no hope for an Academy student to be a Sugar Plum Fairy, or any other lead role for that matter. Is it important for dancers aged 14 through being accepted as trainees or hired by a company to receive more and more numbers of roles of greater length and difficulty in order to build stamina and experience for the numbers of performances they will need to be able to do when hired into a company? Or is focusing on strength and technique while in classes with very little in the way of stage time sufficient to prepare her? And, along those lines, is it important for students to be able build their repertoire of classical roles they have danced?
  18. You know I have to add that a part of the recovery is your dancer (and possibly yourself) needs to learn that it is OK to say, no. I found that in the toxic studio saying no to anything was absolutely not done. Perform? Yes. Extra class? Yes? Master Class? Yes. Private lesson? Yes. No one said no to anything. Those who did suffered consequences. I'm finding it's taking both of us a long time to get used to not only considering yes or no, but not fearing repercussions for saying no.
  19. MattMan

    Ballet and Level =)

    Dang, its great to read everyone's recaps here. I too started late (10 months ago when i was 61). I too am absolutely HOOKED (more honestly, ADDICTED-- Ballet is the New Yoga- just wait 10 more years!) I too have dance class envy. I live in a small town 100 miles from anywhere, so class options are extremely limited. Presently my class consists of my instructor and "dancer 2." Dancer 2 has danced, off and on, for over sixty years! she's awesome. Sure wish there were more guys around!
  20. We know a Catholic family with a daughter at Belhaven who seems to be enjoying it. I will say that they are a pretty conservative family, and I don't know if that is why they sought it out.
  21. Not related to the dance program, but I know a Jewish girl who went there for university and seemed to have a good experience.
  22. Thank you NavigatingMom! Do you have a child who attends the university in dance? If so, do you know if they ever have any female transfers at the junior level? Also, is there any Catholic presence at all on campus (or if it is welcomed)? I can't find anything except about the required chapel service.
  23. dancemaven

    Queensland Ballet Academy

    Website: https://www.queenslandballet.com.au/academy/pre-professional-program
  24. I am excited about the latest news out of the Queensland Ballet Academy. They are on fire! The just completed a very successful Giving Day to raise money for the ambitious new Academy facilities. The associates program has been broadened to allow guests from outside of Brisbane. More and more students are applying to their holiday school after hearing positive reports from the past couple of years. QB has become a partner of Prix de Lausanne. It is great to see such a dynamic organisation promoting the Arts. I think it will also help the Australian Ballet School to up its game - seeing more competition emerging out there from Queensland and also NZ.
  25. This is the best topic I could find at the moment to respond to this question.😉 NavigatingMom, Other schools: IU (got thru to a live audition, didn't get in - she also doesn't have much Balanchine training so that was not a surprise), Utah and Oklahoma. Her top two were Cincinnati and Oklahoma. She was offered academic and artistic scholarships from all of them, but the academic scholarship offers out weigh artistic BY FAR. Oklahoma edged out Cincinnati because the path to a double major was much clearer - and they gave her more money which helped to tip the scale. Utah has a nice program as well, but she felt that Cincinnati or Oklahoma would be a better fit for her.
  26. epicurious1, At Belhaven, all professors teach form a distinctly Christian worldview and all topics are covered with a Christian worldview in mind. If that is not your particular view, then it may be an issue but there is no distinct denomination on the campus. The professors and instructors have different backgrounds and attend different churches. Not sure if that is what you were looking for, but hope that helps! All the instructors that I have interacted with and my kids have had were absolutely amazing and my D's loved them!
  27. Please remember that these particular dedicated threads have a specific purpose: Research and sharing of information on the specified program. We set them up this way so that folks interested in the specific programs do not have to wade through collateral topics or overly personal sharing. If you want more general information, please use the General Discussion forum, either tagging onto an existing pertinent thread or starting one if no pertinent one already exists. Please also remember that it is BT4D Policy not to provide or request direct comparisons among programs. We provide the empirical information for each member to do their own comparisons. 👍
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