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Important Notice! Everybody please read


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Hi, everyone,


Starting this Saturday, September 9, the Buddy Board will be a private forum, open only to full members of this board who are 18 years of age or under. (Thanks very much to ScottieGDE13 for the suggestion!)


This means that no one else will be able to post messages, and also that no one else (except the Administrators) will be able to read messages on that forum. We can do this by changing something called the "permissions" in our control panel so that you have permission to enter this forum. Anyone who doesn't have such permission will not be able to access the forum.


What this means to you:


You can feel free to post your email address, if you want to find email buddies, without worrying that someone we don't know can find it and contact you. Your email address still will not be automatically displayed, the way it was a few months ago, and you'll have to type it in to your post.


After this change has been made and the Buddy Board is private, we would ask you NOT to post your email address in a post on the Young Dancers forum, and any that are posted will be deleted.


Nothing else about the Buddy Board will be changed. The content will be exactly what it is now. The only difference will be that strangers can't read it.


What do you have to do to become a member of the Buddy Board?


Any full member of this board under 18 who wants to be in Buddy Board can do it. I'm going to put up another thread that says "Please register for the Buddy Board forum." Just post "I want to be in Buddy Board" or just "Yes, please" or some short message on this thread before 5:00 o'clock Friday evening, and that night, I'll make the permission changes. At midnight (Eastern time) we'll make the changeover. BTW, if anyone who's been with us for awhile has turned 18 but still wants to be in the Buddy Board (I'm thinking of Katharyn and Hollyberry, and there may be others) that's fine. We're not trying to keep anyone out who's been an active member of this forum.


What is a "full member"?


By "full member" we mean that you're a Member not a Junior Member. This means you will have made 30 posts. We've done this because, after 30 posts, we have a pretty good idea of who people are, and somebody pretending to be a kid won't be able to get in. It's for your own protection.


If you are not yet a member, and for future new posters: We'll try to keep an eye out for when someone changes from Junior Member to Member, but please help us by emailing me (use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the board). Then I'll make the change, as soon as I can.




PLEASE do not try to make lots of posts in the next few days if you're new and have only made 5 or 6 posts so far. We have a no more than 10 posts a day rule and we'll be really enforcing it this week. We want people to be real, contributing members of the community before they're a "member." This means the posts have to have something to say, not just "cool idea" or "me too." If we see that anyone is posting for the sake of posting, those posts will be deleted and they won't "count" towards your membership.



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Guest dancer-forever

This is kind of a stupid question, but when you say that we won't have to worry about anyone you (being Ballet Alert?) don't know getting our e-mail address, do you mean everyone who registers for the Buddy Board will be checked out to make sure that he or she is who they say they are? Does that make sense? I'm just curious... smile.gif

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I think that's a very good question, not stupid at all smile.gif. We don't run criminal background checks on everyone when they register smile.gif but we watch the posts, and if there's anything that looks slightly suspicious, we take whatever action is appropriate.


This is the main reason why we'll want people to have at least 30 posts before we let them in to the new, private forum. In the past, we've had several people who seemed "suspicious" to us for one reason or another -- perhaps it was someone who had been banned who started posting again under a new user name, or someone who seemed to have an unusual interest in children, whatever. When you read all the posts together, though, you can see a pattern. and know if there's somebody we don't want here. Hope that makes sense.


I put up in the post on About the Site, that we should think of the new, private Buddy Board as a "rec room" or "family room" that is guarded by large, friendly (but ferocious mad.gif dogs and a good burglar alarm system. If somebody really really wants to break in, they'll figure out a way to do it. But it's going to be unlikely. They'll have to go to a lot of trouble and have a lot of computer knowledge--and just doing so is illegal, and it will show up in our stats program.


We will keep on monitoring the Buddy Board, too. So far, the few times there has been a problem, other posters have seen the posts and alerted us (we'd already seen them too, but it's nice to know you're not paranoid smile.gif


You also may note that there's something that says IP Logged on each post. That means the IP number (the internet address of your internet provider) is logged for each poster. This means that if NiceGuy@hotmail.com (not a real address) posts and we think he's not really such a nice guy, we can get his IP number and trace it. If the person has really done something wrong, we'll notify his ISP (internet service provider) and they will take action against him/her. People who have bad intentions will know this when they see the "IP logged", and be less likely to try something.


If this hasn't answered all of your concerns, feel free to ask more questions. I want people to feel safe here and know we're doing our best to look out for you.




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Guest e-dancer

Thanks for the answer! That's a really cool thing you guys are doing, and thank you for taking all those precautions to keep memebers safe! I think it's a really cool thing, and I wish more sites would be so careful like this!!! Can't wait until I'm a member lol!

Emily smile.gif

By the way, I'm sorry for the confusion, but dancer-forever is my other log in name, I don't plan on using it any more, I had some trouble and stuff with passwords...sorry again!


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  • Administrators

Yes, I'm afraid that is correct. This was done for security purposes, and while it may be a bit inconvenient for a short time, it will prove much better and safer in the long run. You will be a full member very soon!

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That's right, PBNY, that's the whole point of a private forum. Just keep plugging along, making regular posts at several a day (10, tops, is strongly suggested), learning how to make all the "bells and whistles" on the board work(read the FAQs a lot), and in no time you'll have 30 posts and be a full member.

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  • 1 year later...

I was just reading this, and I realized that I probably did more than 10 post today. OOPS! I didn't have school today, and I was having fun reading the posts, and responding to some of them. I'm sorry! I won't do so many in one day again!

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  • Administrators

Thanks for reading and recognizing this fact, blizzardqueen, 'cause I was just about to follow one of your posts with you are "blizzarding" the board! smile.gif


The Private Message feature is limited to members for the same reasons as the Buddy Board, essentially. We need to try and know the people who are communicating with others privately so as to not have people who just register and don't participate in the board come on the site just to send private messages to other members.

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Just a little thing: The IP number from everyones pc are not allways the same! If you are a bit unlucky, the person you dont want to have on youre board can log of the internett, log on again and connect to BA with the same account. If you check my earlier posts, you will see that my IP is not always the same! this is not too trick you guys or anything, its just that my line are like a phone, log on when needed, log off afterwards, and my IP will change allmost every time... Just wanted to tell you.. dont want to be accused of anything biggrin.gif

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It's OK, Henrik - unless you start having long, involved conversations with yourself, we wouldn't bother to check anyway. wink.gif

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