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Before You Register, Please Read This


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Dear Ballet Parents,


There are a few issues that come up from time to time that we wanted to address, in the hopes of heading off problems, frustrations, and inconveniences.


First, please be aware that when you register, the USER NAME is the name that will appear on your posts. If you do not want your real, full name to appear, then please do not use it.




Second, we have blocked the use of the word "Mom" as part of a User Name, because we have 101 posters who have Mom as part of their name and we're having trouble telling everyone apart :) If you register as "Sandy's Mom" or "Mom of a Dancer" you'll continually get a message saying "this user name is in use." Pick something that doesn't have Mom in it. (And if everyone starts substituting "mama," at some point we'll have to block that, too :) Be creative! Or just use "Sally P" or some version of your own name. Many people post with their own names on this site.)


Third, if more than one member of the same household plans to post here -- and we have many parent/child users and welcome them -- each of you needs to have your own account with us. Please be sure that Mom logs off before Dancing Child logs on!


Finally, after you've registered and gotten the email saying your registration has been activated, you will need to log in. The log in box is at the top of the board. Put in your user name and password and you should be able to post. If you still get a screen saying that you are not registered CLICK REFRESH. (Use this tip elsewhere on the internet. If you change information on a page or screen, the old information may be stuck in your browser and will remain there until you've clicked REFRESH (or reload, if you use Netscape) or begin another browser session.)


If you have trouble figuring out how to make the board work, please ask your dancing child, if he or she is sitting next to you. :) And anyone under 14 is automatically an internet expert! We also have a very helpful: How To Forum where you can read the stickies (topics "stuck" at the top of the forum) which explain thing in great detail.


Thanks! Enjoy the board.

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