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back problems...

Guest Lucía

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Guest Lucía


i have a doubt...

well, I've always had many problems with my back.when i was young i had a little diversion that i still have, but now it's better...I think that the little desviation of my back doesn´t let me bent better in the "cambres" and that´s the cause of my lack of strength.

i hope you can tell me exercices or training for this problems.


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Hi, Lu, we'll need a little more information in order to give you better advice on your problem.


You say you have had a small "deviation" in your back. Does this mean scoliosis, where the spine doesn't go straight up the back, or lordosis, where the lower curve of the spine is exaggerated, causing the belly to stick out? Or is it something else? :confused:

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Oh, yes, actually, I was hoping it was that, because it's relatively easy to help with ballet.


It may seem awfully simple, but one of the first things that will help with overcoming scoliosis is simply a correct use of the arms! If you feel the arms coming from all the way into your back instead of just coming out of your shoulders, it will go a long way toward overcoming the side-to-side character of the crooked spine. Keeping the shoulders down, but not straining to do it is also beneficial.


Most of the exercises involving arms will help you overcome scoliosis, and let's not forget the lower body, too. Rond de jambe à terre, correctly done, will assist in straightening things out. Also the larger port de bras movements, like the penché to the front are very beneficial. Just find a way to "hang" down there sometimes, in a very relaxed manner, but the shoulders stay down. (or up, in that position ;) ) The cambrés to the side shouldn't pose much difficulty either. Just don't let the shoulders rise up! The cambré back can be tricky, but if you try to arch only just below your shoulder-blades, you may find them easier, and more therapeutic.


I know a woman from my student days who had a traumatically-induced scoliosis, that is, one caused by a severe injury. She was run over while swimming by a motorboat! The propellor cut her up terribly, and the surgeons had to put her insides back the best way they could, but it wasn't absolutely right! She credits good ballet training (Joffrey school) with having helped her recover from her problem, and now has a charming husband and four lovely children, two of each, who look just like her, and all take ballet!


(PS. I do mean all! Husband takes adult classes with his wife, and he isn't bad!)


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Guest Andrew

Sometimes an orthopedic Dr. can give you an orthotic (this plastic thingy) to put in your regular shoes to help straighten out your spine. Been there done that, I still wear one and I think I have to until further notice. I think if you had scoliosis before, unless you were treated for it, it is still there. If you have pain especially, you should maybe see someone and have it looked at. Tall people get it more often, too.

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Guest Lucía

thank you very much!!!

mel, i try to use the things that you have told me, thanks!

and, andrew i used to visit a doctor very often when i was young, but he didn't tell me a solution!!!


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