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Guest susan

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Guest susan

looking for information about great ballet schools in connecticut. i know a bit about

nutmeg, which i hear is quite good. i'm sure there are other schools that

are rigorous and offer excellent instruction. we're not looking for a residential

program but a program that allows commuting. my daughter wants to finish

at her local high school. i'd love to hear your thoughts/ideas! thanks :)

p.s. vagansmom: check out the "nutmeg again" thread. thanks! :)

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susan, have you checked out the Hartford School of Ballet...or is it now called Dance Connecticut? I recall that they used to be considered good, but I'm a New Yorker and have no personal experience.

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I would seriously consider Nutmeg, if I were you. If she cannot commute there, then consider the residential program, if that is an option for her.

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Guest susan

thanks bw and ms. leigh,


dance connecticut (formerly hartford ballet) has had some financial problems

recently. i'm not sure what the status is now but thanks. about nutmeg: yes,

i'm in the process of finding out what's possible for my daughter there. it seems

amazing to me that there's not more in connecticut. i know it's a small state

but it's the wealthiest state in the country.....lots of potential revenue. i wonder why there aren't more

really good options here. i guess i should be happy we have nutmeg! :)

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You may want to give Sono Dance in Norwalk CT a call (203-838-1888). They are starting/formalizing a pre-professional program in the fall of 2003. Christina Fagundes, a former soloist with ABT, will be in charge of the pre-pro program. I imagine that it will be smaller - and hoepfully more attention than larger programs. My daughter has had her this year as a teacher and she is a wonderful teacher.


Sono Dance will also have an August SI, Aug 11-22, where you could experience the setting, etc. Ben Huys, former soloist at NYCB, will also teach at the SI. The recent choreography that he presented on March 1st brought tears to my eyes. He also is an amazing dancer (won the Prix de Lausaune in the mid- 1980's) etc.


If this is close enough to you in CT, it may be worth looking into. Do keep posting what you find. There are several people in CT looking for a pre-pro program where Nutmeg is just too long of a commute.

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If you're willing to make the trip, Festival Ballet of Rhode Island is supposed to have a great program. FBRI is located in Providence.

There's also New England Ballet School in Orange, CT.

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I don't know about "great", but there is an ABT affiliated school in Manchester, Connecticut Concert Ballet; and at Hartford City Ballet is directed by a former ABT dancer and a Japanese dancer trained at the Vaganova Academy in St Petersburg. I don't know how either program compare to the old Hartford Ballet program, but in it's absence there isn't much to choose from. When there is no longer a professional company in residence at a school, the inspiration for high level students seems to seep away.

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Amy, did it occur to you that in the approximately 9 years since the latest post on this thread before yours, susan was likely to have found an answer?

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Doe anyone have any experience with the Hartt Community Division's Intensive Pre-pro program under the new AD Samantha Dunster?

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Guest chappiedancemom

Greenwich Ballet Academy is a serious pre-pro school; all Russian faculty teaches Vaganova method. Most classes are in Port Chester, NY, but younger levels in Greenwich. Excellent serious instruction for those looking to dance professionally.

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good school in or around Newtown , CT?

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FineLine Theatre Arts in New Milford has a wonderful ballet program, all taught by gifted teachers with impressive professional resumes. They follow the ABT curriculum and many of their advanced students are excepted into the top competetive SIs every year.

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I agree. Fine Lines is an excellent choice for the Newtown area. Nutmeg is a larger, more established program with both boarding and day students and a dancer has the full pre-professional school experience there. But it may be more of a hike than you'd be willing to make. I did that kind of ride for 4 years even though I live just 10 minutes away from Nutmeg. Work, daughter's school and older son's private school - each one a half hour to an hour away from each other - had me in the saddle for nearly 6 hours a day during that period even though Fine Lines was just 20 minutes from daughter's school. We wanted the fuller program.


My daughter attended Nutmeg year-round from age 4-18. She did Fine Lines in August when she'd come home from SI's when she was an older student. Arlene Begelman is a gem.

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I can speak for Connecticut Concert Ballet in Manchester.  It's a really great program and the staff are all wonderful.  It's not ideal as a fully pre-professional program as it only offers 4 advanced classes per week (not counting if you're in the Trainee/Apprentice program which adds an extra day I believe, but some of those days are used for rehearsals), but it's a great starting point.

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