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I know that there have been posts on this item before, the device from www.footstretch.com. but I was wondering if anyone actually has it and has worked with it? Has it helped??

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We haven't had a lot of input on this product either in the past, at least not enough to make a "consumer's report" on (we did get a respectable response suggesting that Pro-Arch wasn't all it's cracked up to be), but it looks like a more formalized apparatus for tucking your toes under the edge of the sofa. Anybody out there got any experience with this, or anybody else's take that we can use?

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Guest Ballet Mom

Hi I have the Pro Arch and it does stretch my foot. I was never able to get my foot under our couch in order for it to stretch enough. Having my Mom or Dad stretch my foot - they never knew how much pressure to apply. I use my Pro Arch in the am and pm. I have seen some improvement, but haven't used it for very long. Kerstin

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Kersten, are you registered on Ballet Alert? You cannot post under your Mother's screen name. You are welcome to post, but you must have your own screen name.

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