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Dallas Metropolitan Ballet


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Has anyone on here heard about Dallas Metropolitan Ballet? I've heard they have a pretty good summer program, but there's no mention of it on their website. A friend of mine is going there this summer, and I may have a chance to go with her, but I don't want to go anywhere without knowing something about the program.


Some things I'm interested in knowing would be style of dancing (Vaganoa, Balanchine, etc.), number of people in classes, how advanced those classes are, etc. I really hope someone on here knows about it.


I was kind of unsure where to post this, because I want everyone to be able to respond to it, not just teens. If there's anywhere it would be better to put it, please move it!



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Guest ballet princess

I dont now anything about the program myself, but if you click on the link from pointe magazine you can see the Summer Study Guide 2003 which includes this intensive. It gives general information but also a website and a email address.




Good luck with everything! I hope I helped at least a tiny bit! :)

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Thank you, ballet princess, it helped a little bit! (which is more than a tiny bit!)


I'd still appreciate any help anyone can give! Thanks.



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