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strength for adagio

Guest anuska

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Guest anuska

I have good extension in second from developpe. If the developpe is done quickly I have almost full 180 degree extension. However, if the developpe is done slowly, say during adagio, I'm only at 100 degrees. My problem is this: I have the flexibility for the extension but am unable to harness the strength needed to get to my full extension SLOWLY. I have tried the usual correction of lifting from under the leg, but to no avail. Any other suggestions I could try? Thanks!

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Welcome to the Adult Ballet Students' forum, anuska :(


Take the retiré position, inhale, lift the thigh, exhale and extend the leg. Don't go so slowly that you grip the thigh. It should not stop on the way to the final extension once it leaves the retiré position, even in adagio. You don't kick it, but you do extend it in one fluid motion. The breath helps.

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