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Finally - a fantastic new class

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I've found a fantastic new class :( ! Finally!! It's held at Bristol Uni's Students Union and is open to all. A really good intermediate level class taken on the flat. You are expected to know everything but not necessary able to do everything! It's by far the best class I've found so far, I loved every minute of it last night, it was really challenging, everyone was so friendly, no-one minded if you couldn't do something (I really struggled with pose turns and didn't bother trying with fouettes - not done them for 15 years!). The teacher came up afterwards and thanked me for coming and said that I'd done really well and obviously knew everything even if I hadn't been able to put it all together, and please come again. I'm still on a high :) - I will definitely be there next week.



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Guest Antony

Maybe that's a useful tip for other people looking for adult classes: try the nearest University. Mine also does classes (which I attend regularly), and they welcome anyone who wants to turn up, student or otherwise. It's nice to have classes covering the full range of abilities, too (the beginners' classes often having the highest attendance.)


There's only one problem - classes generally only run during University term-time!



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Guest beckster

Inspired by this thread, I've just found out that the university I work for has a dance society which runs ballet classes. It would be so handy to be able to go to a class just down the road rather than having to get a bus! Hopefully it will be reasonably cheap too. I am definitely going to find out more ...

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The people who run the classes at Bristol Uni try to get extra weeks rental of the studio so that the breaks are not so long. Tonight could potentially be our last there until after Easter, but they are going to try to get the studio next week as well. Bath Uni also appear to do a great range of classes, but unfortunately the traffic between Bristol and Bath is so horrendous at rush hour I wouldn't make the classes in time, even though it's only about 10 miles.


Let us know how you get on Beckster.

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Guest beckster

Oh, I'd like to add that it is also worth checking out your local college. My local college does termly dance courses in ballet, contemporary, jazz, egyptian, etc. They work out around 1/4 of the price of an average class here in London, and there are performing opportunities as well. I can't actually take any of the classes because they are on inconvenient nights for me, but certainly worth looking into!


To save confusion, I'm referring to a community or further education college. They do post-16 education and are different from a university.

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Beckster, is that where you are currently doing classes? I'm so impressed you've not been here long and still you have done so much research into finding a class that suits you.:)

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Guest beckster

Kate, I'm not sure you should be that impressed - it is probably a sign that I need to get a life - or a different job! No, the college I'm talking about is City and Islington, which I can't go to. Quite impressed by the £30 for 10 weeks of 2-hour lessons though! I am going to try Islington Arts Factory next term. Both are performing at Islington Dance Festival, on at the moment.

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Guest ducklingdance

i'm took a class under my mentor's company. i never really do proper ballet grade by grade. i'm now under the intermediate level. it can b said as a master class. i'm not really that good.but i am exposed to alot of different steps u wouldn't get to learn so fast if u go grade by grade. which is quite fun. but the cost is pretty high. luckily i got a scholarship for ballet. i had to pay only for comtemporary.

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