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Lenten Sacrifice

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Although not everyone is religious/christian, just wondering if anyone is "giving up" something. I know Jews who give up something during lent, it leads right into beach season, so they get additional sympathy.

I'm giving up sugar, and sweets, maybe petite allegro 8^)


When I was in Parochial School (Catholic) and the Nuns would ask what I'm giving up for Lent, I told them "prayers and homework"




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A minister I know says it's better to make an extra effort at something during Lent, rather than give something up. That way others can benefit from your 'sacrifice'. I guess it makes sense. But the question with Lent is, is there a difference after the forty days are up, or do you just go back to the ways things were originally?


I'm not doing anything different - putting a lot of effort into finding a new job after being made redundant a fortnight ago.;) One thing I probably will do is sort my clothes out and give my unwanted but good things to a charity shop.

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Please limit discussion topics, even on the Buddy Board, to those RELATED TO BALLET ONLY.


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