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double pirouette, finally!

Guest IUdancer

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Guest IUdancer

Just had to share with you all, because my roommate gave me a confused look when I told her....


I did a REAL, CLEAN double pirouette today (and to the left, even)!!! I was very excited.... My singles are getting pretty stable (I had a problem with weak spotting and using too much force), and so my teacher was telling me to go for doubles today. Usually, I'll try one once in a while but it scares me and I wimp out.... which of course, leads to no progress because I never work on them. Usually the first time around is good, but when I'm revolving during the second turn, I lose my spot and my retiré leg lowers. But I must say, it was very exciting to feel myself go around once, twice, and then still be up in retiré, and knowing that my spot was nicely timed (which is usually the part that screws me up). Yay!! :-) :-) Okay, sorry. Had to share.


Tomorrow I'm going to try doubles all over the place to see if I can re-create it!


Happy Dancing,


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