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Has anyone gone to Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's program or is anyone go


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I was just wandering if anyone had gone to the PBT summer program and wahat they thought of it. Or if anyone is going to the program.

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AEDancer, are you going to it? I was wondering about that program as well.

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Hi Balletstar I am 14 and I will be attending PBT's program this summer and I am very excited. I auditioned for PBT at SAB and got in!!!!!!! I also auditioned for Boston and Walnut Hill and got into both of those!!! But after talking to my directer of my school she said the PBT is a GREAT program!!!! It sounds like lots of fun! Write me back if you have any further questions!! :)

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Guest twas a delight

I'm going to PBT this summer as well, and I can't wait. I also auditioned for Boston SDP and got in, but my PBT letter came about two months before the Boston one :). AEDancer, I was at the SAB audition too...were you in the first or second class?

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I really dont remember what class I was in I am 14 so probably the first one? What level are you in for PBT?:D:) ;)

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