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Need Vancouver help for classes


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Hi all,


I have a good friend, a lady who would like to start ballet for the first time. She lives in Vancouver, relatively close to downtown (centrally located)


Any recommendations for studios/teachers? She is totally new to ballet.


Thanks for your help!

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Thanks Mic31 - I am really glad to have first hand experience.

I'll let my friend know - she is a total beginner and needs all the help she can get.



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by the way, she has excellent potential - she has a great dancer's physique, so she needs help of a beginner at the intro point. She needs to start with a good teacher! (all the help she can get to learn from square 0, so she picks up good fundamentals, and enjoys the process)


Thanks for your advice!

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Did they ever finish the ScotiaBank centre for Dance? I spent several months in VBC and thought the old ScotiaBank building project would be an excellent asset to the city.



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Guest mic31

The scotia bank dance centre is done and it's great....come see it.

As for intro classes for your friend Forufera have a tuesday evening class for total beginners and 3 level one classes per week and two level two classes per week. Tell your friend that the school is beside the Vancouver community college just down the road from the Queen Elizabeth theatre.

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