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Hi I have been wondering about this for a while. If you have a big bust size like a B or C is it like impossible to get into a ballet company? Well thanks bye:)



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i have a large chest, so i always notice when professional dancers are larger than normal, for ballet dancers. on many videos i have seen(we dont get many live ballets in alaska), there are large chested dancers, usually in the corps. i recently went to audition for a college ballet program, and many people in the upper level of their program had larger busts than you would expect, some even larger than myself(i am a C). so there is hope for us!

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Originally posted by pmballerina

If you have a big bust size like a B or C is it like impossible to get into a ballet company?



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Guest Giselle83

oh why not? I have B (European...I think it's the same in US?)

I fit just and just into all dresses, also tutus, we get from the National Ballet!

I'd like to hear some explanation why not...:-)

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Giselle, I think we're fighting with a double negative here. The question was, "Is it impossible...?" and my answer was "No." If "impossible" means "not possible" and the answer is "no", then it means that the answer is "yes, it is possible.":)

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i think giselle was wondering why the question was posted in the first place, and really, it is more aimed at very large chests, when you get in the D range, and then it really becomes a problem. not only is it an issue aesthetically, it causes many costume problems, such as the one i recently encountered at teh last fitting where i was afraid to breathe, lest i reveal what the costume shouldve covered. also in jumps, many large chested people have extremely embarrasing problems, and even those who arent as large someitmes have difficulty. yes, it is a problem, but as a B it doesnt matter much.

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Right, Constanza. The bust size doesn't actually start to cause difficulties until your partner has to step back to avoid them in partnered turns, or you take an arabesque penchée and you can't come back up!;)

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Guest twinklehooves

I am really small- it kinda sucks- all of my costumes have to be refitted...:D I barely fit in adult costumes...kinda have to go to childrens....:o:(

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Guest enpointe3636

I'm very skinny, but sort of busty too, I'm a 34C. Plus, I'm a little under 5 7, so I'm a bit awkward looking. On stage I feel out of place, most of the dancers in my class being a little over 5 ft. Suggestions?

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Suggestions for what? 5'7 is lovely, and tall dancers, IF they carry themselves well and really learn to move well and use all that length, are wonderful! The bust size does not have to be a problem, but it will just require more attention to proper support.


PS - Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! I'm sorry I neglected to welcome you earlier, but I didn't realize you were new today, since you have so many posts.

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Scoliosis is much more widespread than you'd think. Ballet can alleviate it, or minimalize its appearance, but it's a structural thing that doesn't usually take drastic intervention (like surgery) to correct unless it's very pronounced and/or progressive. Just remember, keep the chest open, and in this case, actually square the shoulders and "push down". You're working to correct a structure here, and simply advising "don't let the shoulders rise" isn't going to be enough here.

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Your shoulders being "hunched" sounds to me much more like a postural problem than something caused by scoliosis. My guess, without seeing you of course, is that your head is too far forward, which causes the shoulders to round, and if you also have weak abs, this would cause you to "sink" a bit and the shoulders would look rounded or hunched. This is correctable. Start by LOSING the backpack, if you are using one, which most teens seem to be doing. This is the cause of the head going forward. The shoulders follow the head.

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a B is not a big chest size!you can still get into a ballet company even with a C though.there are aleays minimizer and sports bras that can help.i have a friend who is about a 32D and she still does ballet.

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Just so long as the other dancers don't open an office pool as to whether or when you come up from the next penché! :)

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