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Closing 5th from Coupe Back

Guest Rachel

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Guest Rachel

I can't find a way to close my leg to 5th back from coupe back without my foot sickling. I usually lower my leg so that the ball of my working foot is in a demi-pointe position directly behind my supporting foot. I then close 5th from there, which reselts in going through a sickled position. Balanchine Technique says to place the toes further away from the supporting heel at the beginning so that there's room for the foot, but I can't seem to manage. Does anyone have any tips to avoid sickling in this transition?



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First Rachel, I must clarify that you are speaking of a cou de pied position back. A coupé is a step, an action, one foot cutting away the other, so it is NOT a position! (Unfortunately, almost everyone makes this mistake, include most teachers :) )


Anyway, the space that you mention between the toe and the supporting heel will work if you do it correctly. Just place yourself where you can see sideways in the mirror and work on it until you see how to place the toe down and push the heel forward as you lower it.

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