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I would like to know why my hips pop so often, is it ok? The things that I do with my turnout pops my hips all the time. What is it? Is it wrong???

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Heather, some people have joints that pop, and there is no pain, just the popping. It's okay, as long as there is no pain. However, it is also possible that you are causing the popping by trying for more rotation than you can handle at this moment in time. Or, it's also possible that your alignment is off and you are lifting your leg incorrectly.

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Could be I suppose I can try harder to turn out maybe?? Thanks, it doesn't hurt either it just gets really annoying having my teacher lift up my leg in the (leg lift excersise) and it pops!

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Guest twinklehooves

My hips pop too. It's usually when I'm forcing my turnout, have all my weight on my heels and I'm rolling my arches. So, when ever my hip pops, I always check myself! :(

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