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Guest MKdance

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Guest MKdance

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I am going to try:) I am looking for a good practice video that I can do at home, between classes. I am an adult beginning/intermediate student. I want something that mimmicks a real ballet class, that you can follow along, but dosen't stop to teach you what a tendu etc. is. Something that demo's a combination and then executes it.

Thanks for any advice you can give:D

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i try to be of some assistance w/ dance video questions, however, in the area of intructional videos i am hopelessly uninformed. perhaps some other balletalertreaders will be able to shed some light on your query. i'm afraid i have no advice or opinions to offer in this direction.

good luck.

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Going to move this to Adult Ballet Student's forum, MK, as I think you will get more responses there. :)

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Guest distantdancer

I use the Finis Jung videos and they are really good! It's funny that I can get more out of one of his classes on video than any I've taken in person but for me this is true. He must be really amazing in person. Here is where I've ordered them from: https://www.danceart.com/shop/asp/prodtype.....asp?prodtype=2 . I use them to supplement my weekly classes. I also bought the 'Improving your Turnout and Extension' tape, which I do after I get home from class. For me, they've been worth every penny. I've actually just ordered a couple of more advanced tapes of his, so I'll let you know what they're like once I've taken them.

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I agree about Finis Jhung's tapes.


I have ordered 3, I'm thrilled with all of them. The Basic Ballet 5 class is a great do along. I ordered it for a friend, I watched it, and it is what you are looking for.


I have also the ballwork video - which I just love, and Ballet Technique Level 1. The great thing about these tapes is that even though they are more expensive than others, the instruction is superb. Finis is very clear in his instruction, the methods he uses, especially the demonstration of finding your balances and center and turnout are worth the video. The isometric plie he teaches will build very strong center and legs.


I really can't say enough good things about his products, plus I also ordered his practice barre - which is OUTSTANDING. He is super to deal with, and takes an active interest in your learning. I communicated with him via email. The receipt of the materials was very rapid.


I give him and his stuff an A++++.


You won't be disappointed in the Basic Ballet 5 tape, you will just want the Barre to use with it.


Best of luck!

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Guest MKdance

Thanks for such a quick response. I am glad to hear that they are worth the extra money compared to other videos. I had been contemplating them, but didn't want to risk not liking them.

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MK - Just order the #5 tape. You will be really happy with it.


Finis (sounds like finest) is really decent, you can email him and ask questions, the tapes have segment clips on the web.

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