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hip problems in arabesque...

Guest tianehu

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Guest tianehu

Hello everyone.


Right now I'm very confused over what my teacher said, and I'm not even very sure if she's correct. Anyway, the other day, when we were doing arabesques, she was talking about not twisting the hip. Which I understood. Then she demonstrated what twisting the hip looked like. Which I understood. Then she demonstrated what we should do instead, that is to tilt the hip. I thought I understood. So I tried. But when I did it, she said that I was pressing my left hip down (my left leg was in arabesque). So she corrected me, but it felt like i was twisting my hip, cos my hip wasn't aligned but the left side looked higher than the right side. I was terribly suspiscious then, but now am just confused confused.gif . I always thought that the hips were supposed to be perfectly straight.


Could someone please help me clarify? Thank you... smile.gif

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tianehu, this can be confusing because there is a big difference between opening the hip enough to allow the leg to turn out and twisting or lifting it. The upper body must remain square, but if you try to keep the hips perfectly square in arabesque, you will not achieve a turned out arabesque above about 30 to 40 degrees! What does happpen is that the body weight moves forward and upward, the shoulders remain square, but the hip opens only as much as necessary to allow the leg to rotate. If you try to keep the hip bones both facing straight forward, your own gluteus maximus is in the way of getting your leg up in the back, and no rotation will happen. This is a very old fashioned idea of arabesque, dating back to the days when the leg did not have to be 90 degrees or above and turned out!

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