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Has anyone gone to this program? Is anyone going? Do you know anythin about it? I'm going there this summer and was just curious to see what it's like. Thanks!

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ive posted a time or two on this workshop, and i really didnt like it. teh scheduling was bad, we didnt get all of teh classes we were supposed to have like contemporary or as many of others, and i generally didnt enjoy myself. i didnt feel that it was worth it. sample day(the schedule changes every day, but this happened to me occasionally):technique in the morning, hour break, hour and a half lunch break, one hour pointe, four hour break, rehearsal. yeah fun. i was in level three of four, and we didnt get as many pas de deux classes as we were supposed to. one of teh pas teachers would give one long combination for the whole class and work on that the entire time, while half of the guys couldnt do half of the things in it. we had to buy lots of things for contemporary and character, but we had only two or three character classes and no contemporary. we were also supposed to have a few actual classes, lecture style, i suppose, but those never happened. they didnt adhere very strictly to teh dress code either. if you can find my other posts(try doing a search) they may tell you more. i was kinda fuming in those though. i just really didnt like it. i hope you do, though!

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Thanks for your input! I hope I enjoy myself!!

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