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stretching vs over-stretching?

Guest CyberDancer

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Guest CyberDancer

For the last several weeks I have been taking a class that is mostly stretching. Over that time, I have noticed that I have gotten painfully tight rather than loser -- most specifically in the little muscles right inside the sit bones (are they part of the hamstrings???). So my question is, is something that I am doing in this class wrong for my body (hence the taut muscles), or should I just keep going, and eventually I will benefit with increased flexibility?

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If things are getting tighter rather than looser, then add to that pain, there's a very good chance you're overstretching. The hamstrings are the muscles and other connective tissues at the inside and back at the top of the thighs. If you're talking about the deep muscles under the gluteus maximus, then there could be real problems. I'd say give it a rest for awhile.

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