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Neck ache

Kate B

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I'm the sort of person who carries all my tension in my neck and shoulders and for some reason this has got really bad this week. It feels like a total effort to stand up straight and I left class early last night because I just felt so stiff and sore from my upper back upwards. (I realised something was wrong because cambre backwards at the barre was impossible. (Well, it wasn't impossible, but my body told me not to do it.)


Here's the question: should I seek out good sports massage or would an osteopath be a good idea? I don't have the money for both. I would go back to pilates but I don't have the money for that at the moment either.:)

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Either would be all right, even a chiropractor who is used to working on dancers. Stiffness in the upper spinal area is right up their alley!

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I would study the breathing, relaxation and movement techniques of Feldenkreis or Yoga. That is what really enabled my body to relax while dancing, so I could use it to the best of its capacity.

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Thought I'd quickly revive this one to say that I finally went for a sports massage today and, boy, was I impressed! I hardly told the woman anything and she knew where my problems were. I will wait and see how I feel tomorrow, and in my classes next week, before I pass further judgement, but I feel pretty good about it.


She has also recommended yoga to help me 'open up' so I think I will look into that next.


Thanks for your help.:)

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