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Hops on Pointe - Backwards, in Arabesque

Guest Lukayev

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Guest Lukayev

During pointe class today, our teacher decided to try something a little more challenging for the younger children and gave us a combination with twenty-four hops backwards en pointe, in arabesque - ending, of course, in a drawn-out balance. Well, it wasn't until about hop number thirteen or fourteen (and this was at twice the speed that the Le Corsaire coda has for its hops) that I started to wobble and I decided just to hold out the balance in the middle instead of keep trying and come crashing down onto my ankle. Weight forward, engaged back leg, not going over the arches of the supporting foot, body held upwards, arms not flailing - I'm trying to remember all of this and yet it just won't WORK.


I'm sure eventually I'll get it - but until then, it's back to my infamous thirty-second long balances and adagio work. wink.gif



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Well, that was a good idea, Luka. I think your teacher was giving you a longer brace of those little sautillé temps levé en pointe in a longer series than I can think of anywhere in classical ballet (Corsaire being the longest I can recall) just to build you up against the time when you might have to do them. Usually they only come in twos and threes, as in the first Shade's variation in "La Bayadere (Shades scene)" or the Bluebird pas de deux Princess Florine variation. Even the pas de chevals in the Don Q pas de deux change feet every couple of hops.


(PS. I just thought of a longer series - at the end of some Giselle's Act I variation!)


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