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Guest Tiny Feet

Hello all!


I am so inspired by all "special group" of dancers on this board!


I have been taking ballet for about a year now, at first 2x a week, then 3, now my "addiction" is at an all time high of going 4x a week!


I have the 2 goals. One-go to ADC next year without "much" apprehension. Two-in "about" 2 years, go on pointe.


The first goal seems fairly attainable. heh But the second, I am not so sure. I have searched around and seem to find very little support for serious adult students that wants to pursue pointe work.


So I gues my question is, is pointe just something I should put out of my head?



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Hi tiny Feet


I think if you want to aim to go on pointe you should do as much research into it as possible. Especially read Ms Leighs posts about pointe and readiness issues. Get books out from the library, or buy them from Amazon. Watch lots of videos, perhaps invest in a Finis one aimed at beginner pointe.

If you want to be serious about pointe work, then you have to be serious about ballet, and that means taking at least 4-5 full classes a week in ballet technique, if not more. Doing ballet classes is the only way in which you will get your body ready.


Also, look at your body, your feet structure in particular. Are they flat footed? do you have any ankle/knee/back problems or injuries?


Have you spoken to your teacher about it? or the possibility about going on pointe?



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Guest grace

hi tiny feet.


i don't know what ADC is, so can't comment on that.


there is probably no reason you should rule out pointe work, but your teacher is the best source of information about your own personal possibilities.


as xena says, a little bit of research about pointe will inform you better about some of the relevant issues. here are some pointe sites for such information:











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I think ADC is Adult Dance Camp?


Pointe is a reality for adult dance beginners, pending your ability and your teachers. Let your teacher know a.s.a.p. that you want to learn pointe. Some teachers of adults are willing to teach pointe, and some are not.


I started pointe as an adult (age 47), it sounds like you are dedicated, so speak with your teacher(s) and let them know your goals. They can help you evaluate your skill/physique set to assist you in determining suitablilty.


Best of luck! Welcome to the boards!

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Guest Tiny Feet

Thanks for all the tips and info and links.


Yup, ADC aka Adult Dance Camp.:P


It is really encouraging to hear that other adults have been able to achieve pointe. My hats off to you especially antbobby (you give me hope)!


And from all the questions and suggestions I think I am on the right track.


I do read ALOT! The mental aspects of ballet is really what drawn me to it in the first place and I have done a lot of reserch on pointe work and took a very long hard look at myself (scary) in the mirror and take things into account. Thankfully I have not had any back, ankle, or knee problems and my feet was deemed as "adequate"(sp) by one of my freinds that use to teach ballet to adults. I haven't splurged on a Finis video yet but it is on my additction list of things to get. hehe


I haven't had the courage to bring it up to my instructor because I am too afraid that she will be one of those teachers that doesn't think adults should go on pointe regardless. And I am a little embarrased that I want to go on pointe as an adult.



Is there a specific reason why I should inform my teacher(s) that I would like to pursue pointe work as soon as possible? Is there another way of training if that is my ultimate goal?


Thanks for all the encouragement, I love it here!

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You don't give your age, but since you're taking four classes a week, and appear very serious about this, I would recommend just asking your teacher if he/she would be willing to teach an adult beginner pointe class. You might be surprised at how many other adults are interested in this. I finally got the courage up to ask my teacher about this (for some reason I felt she would simply laugh at me, although I've been taking 3 classes a week for several years now), and she agreed (we both agreed it would be better to start after the June production because it would be less stressful for her, plus the warm weather is kinder to the adult body), and we have six women who are interested in this class! I was amazed at how many women want to do this, although I do not know how many will continue with it, it was nice to see so many at least interested at the start. So, we have had the winter months to prepare for this endeavor which is to start this upcoming June.

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Dancepig is right. First of all, unless you let your teacher know what your goal is, they can't help you.


Even if they laugh or smirk or whatever, guess what! They will think about it. They may have been worried about you wanting to learn it as well - you won't know until you state it as a goal.


If you are worried about telling them, just keep it casual, and say - you know, my real goal is to learn pointe. What do I have to do to get started? What do I need to do to prepare?


Your teacher won't laugh, but if they say they don't want to teach it for (name reason here) find another who is willing to teach you.

This precludes any obvious problems physically with you learning.

You should never be embarrassed about asking for this, or for that matter for worrying about your age. There are several adults my age who are learning pointe, we are mixed in with teens who are learning as well, and we all enjoy the pain and the process together. We now have enough adults that we can split our class apart. My teacher was shocked when she found out my age, she thought I was about 38. She is enjoying teaching us, she knows we are serious, and we are glad one of the teens spoke up for us and said "when can we learn pointe?". We just all jumped on the bandwagon and said - Yeah, when? So we started.


Never be afraid of a reaction, you just might get respect too.


One of my other teachers raised her eyebrows, but then started preparing me. She knew I was dedicated, so she started helping me.


Just go for it - you have everything to gain. :)

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