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tour de promenade in attitude efface

Guest Giselle83

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Guest Giselle83

Hello! I'm a new member here and this my first question! :-) I really hope this hasnt been asked too many times...


I was wondering, while doing a promenade in attitude efface derriere, how crossed the attitude should be(doing on flat, and as well on pointe with a partner)?


I'm having very hard time with this particular movement and I wish somebody could explain me exactly what part of the leg (heel, calf etc.) should be behind the back. Does my poor turnout affect into this?

And, I know this is a question about different styles, but how bend the knee should be? Should I keep it 'less bend' in order to 'hide' my limited rotation?

thanks in advace!

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Hi, Giselle83, and welcome to the Young Dancers' Forums here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online!:rolleyes:


Whether it is en face, éffacée, or croisé, the leg is always in the same relation to the shoulderblade. Right behind it. I sometimes say to my students: "Pretend that your nose goes all the way out the back of your head for about three feet. That's straight back. When you do anything that puts the leg out there, think that you would just miss kicking the back of your 'nose' with your heel." The same sort of thing applies with attitude. Now, in Cecchetti, The raised foot is below the level of the knee. In Russian schools, the foot may be higher than the knee. The American preference seems these days to put the knee and foot at the same level. Russian attitudes also are a bit more allongée (leaned forward) than Italian and French attitudes. So it depends a lot on what system you're working in, but if you have rotation problems, you may have difficulty with any attitudes.:)

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Guest Giselle83

Thank you so much for fast reply!

I'm studying mostly new russian based on Vaganova and most of the people in here does that (or strict traditional Vaganova) too. Great advice the 'nose' thing, that really cleared up all!

Yes, having danced only 5 years I have mostly problems with the rotation! I thought to discuss my teacher right today about it, and what she prefers for my attitude.

Thanks again!!!

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