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I've found I like the Bloch "hipstar" ones. Hate the name, but love that the tights don't go four inches above where I like things to sit.

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Guest Tiny Feet

Thanks Old Shoe for the tip on the Bloch "hipstar"


Found out that Capezio also make a "hip rider" version.


Just bought one of each can't wait to try them out!

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Oh, so that's why I look like a sausage tied several different places? Does anyone have any suggestions for wearing light (pink or white) tights on stage? I have to be in a production (really, really don't want to be in this production), and we have to wear pink or white tights (I always wear black in class) and I hate pink or white tights because at my age they are not the most becoming color, so any advice on the heaviest pink or white tights? Thank you!

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I have an old pair of cotton pink tights that are really heavy, but they actually look worse on this (much) older dancer than regular pink tights that have faded to dirty pink/bad laundry skills gray. My favorite tights are black footless cotton tights. These are fine when I take class at the university, but the local studio where I take class with the teenagers really prefers that we all be in pink tights. Although they don't require them of adults, I have lately been trying to adhere to the dress code more and so have been examining the pink tights question in some detail. After a month of this, I find I'm getting used to pink again and they don't bother me nearly so much. Anyway, a long-winded way to say maybe thickness in pink tights doesn't help. I like the Bloch tights with supplex/lycra and have heard people raving about the Capezio Hold & Stretch, but have never tried them.

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Thanks for the reply, the hold and stretch, sound promising. What would be great would be lycra tights or spandex, but I haven't seen those in pink, and they might be too shiny anyway, but I'll check out the Bloch and Capezio you mentioned.

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I wear Capezio Ultra Soft supplex transition tights. They look great, but you might find a bit too sheer - at 48 they cover my spider veins fine, plus they are SO COMFY!


I just bought Bloch supplex, haven't tried them yet, will let you know.


I have hold and stretch - these are tighter and denser, but not as comfortable around the waist or as soft as the supplex. I prefer the supplex. :)

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I wear the Hold and stretch tights. And boy do they hold! But I've found that you will feel the same if you wear two pair of regular tights (Danskin runresistant classical tights no98?95?) and you will keep the warmth too!


You can't actually see the difference but you can feel it. If there is any visual effect I think it is the famous placebo one. Besides I think I look much bigger in black tights than in white/pink ones am I really the only one to think so??

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I'm working on agreeing with you that I look bigger in black than pink, but am not there yet!

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Definately bigger in black. I also don't like the way the black tights look in "smoothness" of color - my legs are too white, the pink make them much more pretty - definately more flattering.


I've been wearing pink tights now for a year, I just bought black for winter - ugh. Don't like my legs in black. The line of pink with pink shoes is much prettier - definately!

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At the studio I attend, students have to wear pink tights for ballet class, so I don't have a choice between pink or black most of the time! We can wear black for jazz though. Currently I am wearing Capezio convertibles, but I'm finding them too sheer, especially when they have to stretch over my quads. Can any of you recommend a more opaque black tight?

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If you're looking for tights that don't squeeze your waist, you may want to try one of the "body tights" that have shoulder straps instead of a waistband. Discount Dance has one by BodyWrapppers. Several of my friends here have them and love them, so I just ordered some for me. They definitely have a smoother look under a leo than regular tights with a waistband.


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Guest Basilo


I wear (as well as several other guys I know) M. Steven's Milliskin Footed Tights. They are available through BackBay Dancewear and DiscountDance.com (for some reason they have them on the "undergarments" page instead of with the rest of the tights). They were recommended to me when I was searching for more opaque black tights. The first tights I bought when I started ballet were almost embarrassingly sheer. These provide secure coverage even when stretched. Some people don't like the fact that they are slightly shiny (they are a Nylon/Lycra blend). They are the most comfortable tights that I have ever worn.

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Guest Tiny Feet

Just wanted to let everyone know how thrilled I am to have found a pair of ADULT tights that doesn't double as a bra!


The Bloch 'Hipstar' are perfect for me!


I have been wearing kids tights all this time because I am so short that even the kids large were too long! I had to get the 'one size fits most' in the kids!:)


And now I have 'graduated' to adult tights!! Yipee! So thanks for the tip!


PS-The Capezio Hip Rider is not bad but still sits a little too high for me. But it comes in the Ultra Soft and boy are they comfy!



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