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Stirrup Legwarmers?

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I know that this question is a bit ridiculous, but I would like to know which one you prefer: stirrup legwarmers or the ones without the little hole.

When I went to my ballet class today, I wore the black ones without the hole, because they seem to keep my feet warmer. My teacher just couldn't stop laughing at me and said that she has never ever seen anything more ridiculous concerning ballet clothes :o .

Do ballet dancers really only wear the ones with the hole? I'm sorry for this rather unimportant question, :rolleyes: but I'm interested in your preferences.


Bye for now, Svenia :P

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I can't imagine why your teacher would laugh, are they a strange color? I wear several pair of leg warmers, depending on the weather, and sometimes I wear three pairs at once! It gets very cold here. I wear the non-stirup under the stirup if I'm wearing several pairs. Or I'll wear just the stirup. But in our class as long as we don't wear them during center floor work, anything is ok.

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