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Guest tianehu

I'm not sure it this has been addressed before...


Does swimming effect ballet? I know that swimming for competitive reasons is not good, because that will build up the wrong muscles...(look at all the swimmers on TV...broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs...I can't really imagine them in tights and leotards. smile.gif ) But what about swimming just for fun? I don't go swimming often, maybe once a fortnight or once a month when school keeps me exceptionally busy, so is that bad?


And my friend was talking about doing certain ballet exercises in the pool, because she likes the feeling of the resistance of the water. Does anyone know anything about exercises done in water to help improve ballet technique? All I can think of that would help more in water than normally on solid ground ( smile.gif ) is to practise port de bras...because of the resistance of the water that makes your arms look more flowy. I'm not sure how to explain. But I don't see the point of trying to do tendus or grande battements or splits or other stretches in the pool other than to cause the other people to cast you weird looks since you can do those things on dry land.


Thank you for the help! smile.gif

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Tianehu, swimming on a recreational basis is just fine! Also, doing ballet exercises in the water is indeed very good, especially beats smile.gif You can practice your entrechat quatres and entrechat sixes and they will be wonderful in the water!

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i know that i'm not supposed to post here, but as to the swimming part: i found it extremely relaxing to go for a swim after i did ballet (a few hours before).

i also did balances in the water.......it's really easy then



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