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I saw in an old post that you were looking for classes in Columbus, OH. Did you ever try the Ballet Met? I'm going to be in the Columbus area (Delaware) in May and I cannot afford to miss class that week because it is right before the dreaded recital!!


Let me know what you thought of the adult classes if you took any. Do they offer pointe class for adults?




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Let me just move this over to Adult Ballet Students. It'll get a lot more attention there.:)

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Guest DancerLegs

Hi Buglady,

I have not yet taken class at BalletMet, but I am really enjoying classes at a small place called Irveline's Ballet Studio in Dublin. There are 3 different classes for adults, and the adults who take them are fun and welcoming. Hope you can make it - Delaware is about 20 minutes away, I think.

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Dublin would be great, as it is closer than Columbus. What days/times are the classes, and do you know if they welcome walk-ins? Come to think of it, if you know the phone number, I could just call them up and let them know my dates, class level, etc. and get their address.


Thank you so much for your help! I have really been looking forward to the visit (it's my hometown), but I have been worried about missing class. The same situation will be coming up later in the summer when I will be returning for a high school reunion right before the Richmond ADC.


It would be great to have a studio to go to when I visit. I try to get back as frequently as possible since my parents and siblings all live there. Up here in the Great White North I have a studio and no regular babysitter. In Ohio I have plenty of childcare offers, but no studio:( !

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Guest Trilby-Christin

Hi, I think I've posted here once or twice... I've been trying to get the courage to take lessons for a long, long time, but I'm very hesitant for various reasons.


Anyway, I live in Columbus. The school I've been considering is Ballet Met's adult classes, but I've seen the listing for Irveline's in the phone book. Are they pretty reasonable about cost? I only ask because I'm in college, so the cheapest good school I can find, the better.

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Guest DancerLegs

Irveline's has 3 adult classes: Thursdays at 10:15am, Saturdays at 11:15am, and Mondays at 7:30pm. They have been very welcoming and allow me to pay as I go, $13.00 a session (though I believe the Saturday session is $18.00 because it's 2 hours long - that time has only worked out for me once so far). I hope to establish a regular schedule soon, then I can pay by the term, as most people seem to do. The teachers are excellent in my opinion. Irveline danced with the Dutch National Ballet, Kathleen dances with BalletMet, I think Jessica is an OSU grad, and the occasional subs have also been good. The phone number is 614-889-0106. Give them a call. Pointes are worn by people on Monday and Saturday, though I think you can wear them anytime if you like. Hope to see you there! :)

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Hello, all,


I didn't know if it was better to bump this old thread or start a new one - but at any rate, here we are -


I moved to Columbus in the fall for grad school and although I'm taking ballet and modern class through OSU's dance dept, I'd like to find a local studio for supplementary classes. Looking for advanced ballet classes. I'm 27 but I don't mind taking class with younger girls. I *do* mind taking "advanced" class populated exclusively with beginning/intermediate dancers. I'd like a class that has a solid core of well-trained dancers that I can watch and learn from. I'd LOVE a studio that had class every day, or almost every day. Morning or night is alright. I'm starting to think I might have to buy class cards at a couple different studios and cobble together something. Please please if you have relatively up-to-date info about studios/great teachers in the area, let me know... At the moment my only experience is with BalletMet's open adult int/adv class and it's just not doing it for me. The weeknight classes are few, sparsely attended, and I think virtually all of the advanced dancers must be either in the pre/pro program or actually in the company - but they're not in the open classes. It's making me sad...


I've looked at the websites for:

-- Columbus Dance Theatre (potentially interesting... but the same teacher apparently does all 6 classes per week, which seems rather limited)

-- Dublin Dance Center (website suggests that adults can take pre/pro classes with instructor permission)

-- Columbus Youth Ballet Academy (website says something about adult classes but they don't seem to appear on the schedule)


More info about these studios or others would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your help!!


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Have you considered talking to the Academy Director about your particular situation? That might be one way to go about things.


Some of the adults do exactly that, and cobble together classes traveling to different schools, including some of the ones you are talking about, but I think you're not going to find exactly what you're looking for unless you're in a city like New York, unfortunately. :rolleyes: I'm afraid adult classes are not the same as pre-professional levels most places.

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Hi, Clara! I haven't, because I was afraid... :rolleyes: . I didn't want to be presumptuous. Also I tried emailing you a few times on here to say hello but your mailbox was full. Hello! Yay Columbus!

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Aw!!! Susan Brooker is quite nice but if you'd feel more comfortable, talk to Jackson or Daryl (my mom). I'm going to assume that you've been taking Jackson's & Dimitri's classes, right?

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I took a Monday night class with a female sub, another Monday night with a guy whose name I don't know but I think it was probably Dimitri (he was a youngish Russian-sounding guy), haven't made it to a Tuesday class because I was taking OSU dance dept classes that conflicted (which is another part of the problem with those open classes), and a Saturday afternoon class with the older Russian-sounding man. Last quarter I was coming back from my *endless* posterior tib tendinitis situation so I was okay sticking to two ballet and two modern classes per week through OSU, but this quarter it is definitely time to get back to a more intense ballet schedule.

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