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Summer Camp/Intensive in Canada

Guest Firebird3000

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Guest Firebird3000

I live in Edmonton, Alberta and I'm wondering if there is a really good and fun summer camp or intensive for ballet? I've just completed my intermediate foundation level in RAD if that helps!

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Well, I've had students go to Banff and enjoy it, plus get a lot out of it. And Quinte School in Ontario has a good reputation.

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Guest Firebird3000

I know you have to audition for those two. Am I too late to audition for this year? sorry if this is a stupid question. Also is the Alberta Ballet Summer School in Calgary any good?

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I just wanted to let you know that there are two SIs at Quinte in Ontario. One of them you have to audition for but the other one is open to everyone. They have levels appropriate for you and it is GREAT!! I was there last summer. You should check out their website at www.quinteballetschool.com. :D Good Luck!!

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International School of Ballet in Calgary offers a 3 week SI starting July 4 and running three weeks. The owner is an ex-principal dancer with the Turkish National Ballet in the 70s and 80s, Umran Sumen. The school is the pre-professional type, not Dolly Dinkle. Dancers have gone on to professional careers, with for example the Boston Ballet and Royal Ballet in London. Last year a student from here was invitited to the ABT SI in New York on the strength of a video audition. Mrs. Sumen teaches some of the classes like repertoire and mime and this years guest teacher is the ballet mistress of the Alberta Ballet Company, Mercedes Bernardez. DD has attended the last 2 years and I think really benefitted. ISB website is www.iballet.com Tutumonkey

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There was some great SI information buried here :D , that I have moved over to the SI forum. There are now topics open for Goh, Quinte, Alberta Ballet, Banff and Sundance. Please post any questions or comments about these programs on the appropriate thread. :)

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knock, knock. Parent here.


Moderators, please feel free to remove if this post isn't in the right place.


At this time of year there is likely space to be had at Quinte, Alberta, and Goh. Alberta Ballet's program is later than most, so it fills a bit later.


We have the most knowledge of Quinte. Mercedes Bernardez was a teacher/artistic director for a number of years - I mention this as ms. Bernardez is guesting somewhere else this summer, according to tutu monkey. Daughter is planning to be a counsellor at Quinte this summer.


For Goh, you should check out information on that specific thread. Certainly a place to consider, especially if you are RAD-trained.


My daughter has friends who have gone to Alberta Ballet's summer and other programs, but we have no direct experience with that one in my house.


We also know a bit about Sundance/CCDT as daughter has attended that program as well. As you know, an official RAD summer school. They give one scholarship per summer for study the next summer at an RAD program.


If you are cecchetti: Quinte or Alberta; if you are RAD Goh or Sundance. Sorry tutumonkey that I don't know more about the place in Calgary that you mentioned!



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ISB follows the RAD syllabus. The AD was trained by Molly Lake and Travis Kemp so I guess the style is really a mix of both. Hope this helps, Tutumonkey. :blushing:

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