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am i?(the only Singaporean)

Guest ducklingdance

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thanks mel for the info on the RAD exams:D i would like to teach dance in the future, so a certificate from the Academy would really help in terms of credentials.


ducklingdance i chose nafa for two main reasons. 1) nafa offers ethnic dances besides ballet and modern classes. i first started dancing with chinese dance, so i wanted to go back to learning it. also, as nafa is now under moe, it might be easier to get a job as a cca dance teacher with a nafa diploma.


2) as i already hold a qualification from another tertiary institution, lasalle does not allow me to take a tuition grant. nafa does. the fees are more than double if i chose lasalle, which had offered me a place as well.


are you going to try out for nafa?

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Guest Kelsey

hey sapphirenite


how were the lasalle and nafa auditions like? Just wanted to know because I'm pretty interested in taking the dance dip in either school. What are they looking out for? :)

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the auditions for both schools are similar. for lasalle, i went for the on-the-spot enrollment, where i had a ballet class and a modern class with the present students of the school. after that, we had a one-to-one interview with the head of the dance school. we got to know the results straight away. for those who didn't make it, the head gave a few suggestions to improve their chances for the second audition.


for nafa, the audition class was a special one for the auditioning students. my class that day consisted of 3 s'poreans and about 12 others mainly from china. we had a ballet class and a modern class after which each person presented a prepared dance item. an interview with 2 faculty members followed.


as for what they are looking out for, both schools indicated that passion for dance mattered greatly in the consideration. i have my own ideas about exactly what improves your chances ;) , but i think that it would be better for you to call the school to find out. before my auditions, i interrogated a teacher from lasalle at the career fair for 20 minutes to find out what they were looking for. And another 20 minutes on the phone with a teacher from nafa asking the same thing. guess that worked :)


so kelsey, where do you dance?

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Guest ducklingdance

actually i'm currently under lasalle. i'm under deferment. i started from chinese dance as well and i love it. but still i don't know why i am still hesitating. lasalle isn't bad. but nafa has my passion(chinese dance) there.


for nafa interview, you say we have to present a dance piece indiviually. oh no... i don't know what to do for it. what did you do for that?

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Guest Kelsey

Well I'm taking adult ballet class at SDT. Had some experience dancing in secondary school. Well actually I've had only ballet training..a bit of jazz tap and modern peppered here and there. I still like ballet, but I guess i'm not exactly cut out for full time ballet dancing.


It's still a tentative thing - this thing about getting my dip. But I'm just kinda looking around :(


How are classes like in Lasalle Ducklingdance? Two classes a day?

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Guest ducklingdance

ballet and modern are a must. everyday except weekends. then there's also theory class like stage managment, ballet history and so on. there's also other technique class like improvisation and yoga. jazz is optional. ballet en pointe is also optinal. but only level 2 people can take pointe. cometimes a guest lecturer will come and give classes like breakdance and other ethnic dances.


life's pretty pack there.

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hey who's your ballet teacher kelsey? which night do you go? i was under kim for a while, then i stopped ballet because i couldn't find a class on a day i could make it or a class which suited my level. i'm now taking jazz ballet on thursday nights under jodie and occasionally dropping in at dance arts at specialist shopping centre.


as for studying for dip, take your time thinking about it. i spent 4 years before i decided to go for it, without much family support (my dad was/is pretty angry:p ) you might want to consider what you intend to do after getting your diploma as well.


ducklingdance what do you mean by being under deferment? have you started classes? for the nafa audition i did a ballet-cum-jazz dance that i was learning for my jazz ballet class. it was pretty nerve-wrecking because there were 4 faculty members and an undetermined number of students watching me:p .


if you want to go to nafa and you have credits from lasalle, you might want to think about transferring. i heard there were such cases.

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Guest ducklingdance

i mean i'm already a lasalle student. because of some problems i have to stop school for a while.


oh, that means i can take some of what i've learnt under my teacher for audition for nafa. i'm still deciding. i give myself teill end of this year to think. also to earn enough money for thress years of school.


you go to dance arts? i've a friend there. i'm not sure if you know her. her name is cindy. she's quite good in ballet. do you know here?

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Guest Kelsey

I'm under simonne on mondays. I like her..she's a real good teacher :P Was at Dance Arts a few years back too until my teacher Tony Llacer passed away :)

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hey i was thinking of joining simonne's class. it's the only class that is the same age as mine was. but i have night classes on mondays, so i probably will not join it anytime soon. you know cynthia and justina? they were in my class.


i find simonne a little tempermental. She's pretty brusque in her saturday class, which i tried. and i think she should add in the head movements in the exercises.


i'll probably be going for a trial class next monday (14th), so maybe i'll see you there.:)

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could i just send out a call for help for all singaporeans who may be reading this to PLEASE tell me if they know of a RAD teacher who may be willing to take in an adult student for exams. i've been calling up just about every ballet school in s'pore and i can't find anyone who seems to be willing.

so if someone here has taken RAD lessons before do me a huge favour and tell me about your teacher. i could do with some "connections".:confused:

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Guest ducklingdance

i'm not sure if this can helps. maybe you can try my school, lasalle-sia, miss Ravenna Tucker. she is my ballet teacher. she might be able to help you. call and leave a message for her for she's very busy. i supposed you can get the school number from its website. i hope she can help you.

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Hi Sapphirenite, i am currently studying for two RAD exams - grade 8 and intermediate and i am 28 so you are never too old. Grade 8 is a lovely grade, you start of with barre work which is not actually marked but you have to do it as a warm up so they can see your technique then you have to do 6 short dances which is marked. So if you can go for it, if you need any help or advice just shout i might be able to help.


Skippy :)

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Guest Kelsey

Hi sapphirenite,


don't worry about being 'too old'. I'm the oldest in my class, and still taking RAD exams. Right now I'm taking RAD internediate classes at Siglap South CC under Miss Sandra Ho. If you live in the east that's a bonus. She's a great teacher, great motivator and I'm sure she wouldn't mind taking you. Well, it's just that her students in the RAD grades classes are little kids...kinda like an average of 11 year olds taking maybe grade 4 or 5. But well, who cares right? :P


I know of other CCs that offer RAD classes too. I've gone to CCs all my life so if you want you can drop me an email and I can give you more info.


Duckling, I think RAD syllabus and grading is the same in every country. :P

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