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am i?(the only Singaporean)

Guest ducklingdance

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Guest Kelsey



I'm 22 and getting ready for intermediate after a real long hiatus from ballet. Glad to know we're all not 'too old' for it. :P Do you do any other syllabus? I'm kinda interested in the Vaganova syllabus because I heard Russian dancers have very strong extensions because of their training. I've done RAD all my life and a little bit of Balanchine so I don't know how different Vaganova can be. Would be great if you knew something about this :P

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thanks kelsey and skippy for your support. the problem i had was that i couldn't find a teacher or a school who was willing to take me as a student. i actually have no qualms (well, not much anyway:D ) about being the oldest student in a class but...sigh:(


What happened that day i posted the message was that i called up about 4 different schools which offered RAD ballet and i had one reply of "no, i don't think you can take the exam....but if you really want to, you can come and try the class" in a very unenthusiastic tone, one reply of "i don't recommend that you join the grade 5 class as they are mainly little kids of 11 and they might not be used to having an adult in class", one reply of "the ballet class is for children, you know," and one reply of "you have to take an audition before we'll consider".


you understand now why i was so ... off?


kelsey i've managed to call up and talk to 2 teachers of whampoa and toa payoh south cc who have agreed to let me join their classes, but do you have any other teachers to recommend? i'm interested in taking the grade 6 exam (not going to aim too high the first time round:D ) and i want to learn character so it'll be nice to have a teacher who doesn't mind me joining a younger (grade 4 or 5) class to learn character while preparing for the exam.

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kelsey: sorry, forgot to tell you that i am living in the east, so an "eastern" cc would be preferable, but i'm willing to travel as long as the teacher is willing to teach. could you talk to your teacher about the possibility of teaching me? thanks

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Hi Kelsey,


I have done my elementary with ISTD (Imperial Society Teachers of Dancing) and have just started ele with NATD (National Academy teachers of Dancing) i dont know if you get these two abroad. I want to start intermediate with ISTD but i am waiting until i have got the RAD two out of the way. As for the russian one, i dont know anyone who teaches it over here in the UK. I have a friend at work who studied it over in her home town in Russia so i could always ask her about it if you wanted?

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just for the sake of saying it...:P


i received an honours in my NATD exam last year, only it was in the wrong dances...samba and paso doble (latin ballroom) :(


(i know, i know, i'm off-topic here. but just wanted to say that NATD is available here, but only in ballroom dances...at least, as far as i know:) )

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Guest ducklingdance

hi my fellow friends. i've decided to go back to school in this july. i hope that i can complete the diploma this time round. my fellow singaporeans, i have a performance coming up at singapore art museum on 31st may and june 1st, 8pm. do dome and support if you have time. it's free of charge.

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i'm happy for you, duckling. i'm starting school in july too so let's work hard together :)


about the performances...how about making one of them a meetup for the s'poreans? i would love to meet up and have a chat.


oh, and if anyone is interested, there's a pointe class starting this friday (16/5) at 8.30pm for people who have been taking ballet for at least 2 years (at Kallang). cost is $15 per lesson. anyone interested drop me a line @ sapphirenite@msn.com;)

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Guest sillygal

hey people..


i am also a singaporean....and learning ballet at SBA (sinagpore ballet academy)...


i m also a late starter...started ballet at 17......18 this year....n soon to be doing my RAD pre-ele exams....


well, sapphire nite...how old r u?? actually there were quite a number of adult dance students at SBA taking up RAD exams...i have a friend who is 28 yrs old and doing her pre-inter this year....maybe u can come n audition for classes at SBA...however to take exams, our principal Ms Goh Soo Khim has to access you to see whether you are ready for the particular RAD exam level...it is routine every year, whereby months b4 exams, everybody will be prepared for e exam syllabus and later accessed by Ms Goh, then exam time...then normal open classes again....


duckling dance...me quite familiar with lasalle SIA as my boyfriend is in the school doing full time....

he is in level 3 for ballet and modern....he is also a student of SBA....think u may know him?? he is Dan.

I also kind of know Cindy...she is very good and heard that she may have chances of going to SDT as an apprentice. Now, she is currently doing company class with the SDT as she took part in BUTS' graduation ball rite??


hmmm...me have been trying to reach u all singaporeans.... ok, so now finally found this board....


do reply me yup???

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Guest ducklingdance

oh SBA. have you been performing for dance singapore dance last week? because i'm the assistant stage manager then for all three days. if you did, you might remember me because i don't remember you. there's like thousands of dancers. i can't remember.


yes, i know Dan. he's my senior. he's good. really good. and funny too. what a small world. i actually get to know a senior girlfriend here in the net.


i know cindy as well. she came into lasalle when i went back for the second time. through her i got to know my present boyfriend. she's pretty good in ballet.heard that she started since young. and she had danced in the recent ballet under the stars, graduation ball. she has a cute little dog named snowy. hope she can join singapore dance theatre because that's the only company so far to be able to offer her real ballet.

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Guest sillygal

oh yes....i participated in the dance singapore dance....did a jazz piece.... might have seen u backstage... but the only people i recognise backstage at that time was michelle and shining and priscilla...gather u knew them too??


haha, yup, dan can be real funny sometimes, especially when he is with xujie, they are like a comedy show.... :devil:


so now u r in 2nd yr?? u r doing dance full time is it?? can i ask how old are you?? u were actually from ODT learning chinese dance b4 inteding to do dance full time?? wat motivated u to decide to turn into the dance world as a full time student then??


oh, n i read some of your messages regarding ur difficulty in ballet....

dun be discouraged!!! :thumbsup: cos i understand ur feelings perfectly well, as i m also a late starter and ballet can really be very difficult, complicated and its technique hard to grasp at times....when i just started out, i feel lousy and like a fool sometimes at the barre and center with so many young ones who are much better and at ease with their exercies.....but slowly, as u r able to grasp the ballet technique, u will feel more familiar with everything...n slowly, that's where coordiantion and remembering the exercies come in..... after which, then u train towards poise and expression...

n the key is to practise, take more classes, watch classes and constantly correct ur technique.....n also, most importantly, relax n "just dance" sometimes!!!!!!!! u will be surprised sometimes during class when u simply relax and not be too tense, ur body works just the way it should...

of cos, sometimes nasty teachers and classmates dun help in easing tension,..... :dry:


when dan just joined lasalle, he also has no ballet background and only did chinese dance at dance development theatre prior to that... he was placed immediately into level 2 and at first, all the ballet terms and exercises seem alien to him that he can hardly move to the class exercises. plus, there is all that complicated set to remember.... but now, he has indeed improved much and is more relaxed and at ease with ballet....n has improved to level 3...though sometimes he will still have problems with men's technique and turns...

but if u have seen him dancing b4, guess u will agree with me that he is really good in modern dance!!!

therefore, relax n believe u can 1 day dance just as well as pple like cindy too....

wat's important i feel is to go and take more extra ballet classes to supplement with your sch classes. Mr Donata C Ferrer, 1 of ur lecturers in school has a studio; Attitude Performing Arts studio and he teaches real well, though he can be wierd n nasty at times.... u can try there?? i started ballet training from him actually and helped out with his studio when it just opened...

I think quite a many lasalle students are learning at dance arts too....how bout u??



ok, think i have talked too much!!! hehe :wub:


good luck with ballet!!!!!

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Guest bertrande



if all the Singaporeans on this board want to meet up, I wouldn't mind joining in..want to put faces to the nicks. :devil:


Just let me know of any new developments :wub:

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Guest ducklingdance

i am the assistant stage manager assisting priscilla. i'm always on the stage right holding papers and a walkie talkie. shining and michelle were in the same batch as me. but i left halfway to work. by time i got back. they graduated... priscilla is my senior.


xu jie is a funny guy too. he's really good in dance. i'm not in 2nd year. i'm only a 1st year. i'm not learning chinese dance under odyssey dance theatre. danny tan taught me chinese dance last time in secondary school. i follow him under odyssey dance theatre under the young artists performers class doing modern and ballet.


donato is very sacarstic. i dun like him. i wouldn't go take classes with him. No way! i only stick with odyssey dance theatre. i know quite a few lasalle students training in dance arts.


gotta go. boyfriend not happy liao...

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