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am i?(the only Singaporean)

Guest ducklingdance

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yes i'm keen on a meetup too! :sweating: i definitely would like to know everyone


welcome sillygal to the gang of singaporeans on balletalert! so you are at sba? yes, i called them at that point of time to inquire. i knew i wasn't ready for any major exams, so i asked for grade 6 classes, but they don't have it. because i was in the sdt adult classes, they told me i needed a teacher's recommendation before i could join their major classes.


after 2 months in nafa, i'm pretty sure i'm still not ready for rad majors, but i'm now preparing for my cstd pre-ele exam next feb. with any luck, i'll manage to get it on my first try. i'm very anxious to do well in it because my teacher promised me that if i did well, she would start training me to be a teacher at her studio :yes: i still would like to do rad too, but i can't really afford it now, and my rad grade 6 teacher didn't think i was ready for exams yet.


ducklingdance you were at buts? i was there on the 16th, the night nafa and lasalle performed. i met a few people who had auditioned with me at lasalle. felicia, who was at the das stall and she told me xuefang was around too, only i didn't manage to see her. my classmate sprained her ankle on the 17th, heard there was a big hoo-hah about it. :flowers: were you there when that happened?

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Guest ducklingdance

sapphirenite, i was around all three nights. you should know peter right? i was the one who asked you guys to stand by for rehearsal and performance. maybe you might remember seeing me. a nerdy girl with papers and walkie.


felicia is my classmate. xuefang aka sharon is too. sharon was the other assistant stage manager/ music in charge. so you most probably wouldn't be able to see her around unless you were on teh stage left. they are my good friends.


i'm keen on a meet-up too. how about during september holidays? these few days i'll be involved in odyssey dance theatre "passion.Love" at the singapore arts museum,. come watch if you are free. it's free admission. i'll be in the front of house.


sillygal: i forgot to tell you how old i am. i'm 21 this year.



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