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Demi Pliés!


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Just a sort of basic question that I probably should know...hehe... My teacher stresses deep ("juicy") demi pliés because, of course, they are the foundation for sooooooooo much in ballet. However, I just realized that I generally don't go as deep as I can in plié exercises. I do in jumps (as deep as the tempo will allow) and other exercises, but not in those first pliés. I was just thinking about that and realized I probably should, but wanted to check it out. Of course, everything at the barre is preparing for centre, so isn't it only logical that I should "use" my plié in a similar fashion there? The reason I think my teacher hasn't corrected me on this is it doesn't look wrong since my full demi plié is deeper than some others in my class (so when I don't go as deep it is still the same as others). This is from long (or is it loose?) Achilles tendons (whatever makes the plié deep...hehe) So...to wrap this up...my question is: should I go as deep as I can in plié exercises? My demi in 1st is "demi" in every sense of the word....halfway down to my grand plié. (To me it looks sort of weird to go that low...but maybe it's just because I haven't been...I certainly feel the exercise more if I do.) Thanks for any replies to this question I think I've answered for myself??

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If it only feels like a stretch, and not a pain, you're in business. Go for it!:)

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