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Guest Passion4Ballet

Yesterday after my ballet class I found that the muscles at the back of my calves were really tight and strained. The feeling comntinued all day today. This happens pretty often after particularly hard classes, is it that I'm not warmed up properly or is it just a regular sign that my muscles are developing? Any help would be appreciated!

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However, I am a moderator, and a teacher, so I know what you're talking about. Usually, this is just a temporary situation brought about by working the feet especially hard. You said that the class was particularly hard, so it's not at all unusual. I'd leave the stretches until I'd massaged the calves really well, and perhaps even applied a little analgesic cream or ointment like Ben-Gay, or Tiger Balm, or one of the capsaicin (pepper) based creams.

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Guest twinklehooves

Tiger Balm works pretty good!!!


There's also patches that you give you the same effect. Great breakthru for my dad and his bad back. They're called Salonpas. you can get them anywhere I think. :(

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