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I'm 25 year old ballet dancer (I'm sorry if I'm posting here, I know I'm not a young dancer, but in adult dancer forum I didn't read too much about summer intensives for professionals) and I'm looking for a *non expensive* Summer Intensive.

I actually dance for a latin american ballet company and I'd like to use this summer to improve my technique and have experience abroad, and auditioning in an american company.

Does anybody could give me any advice about a Summer intensive that accepts people over twenties and might could have an opportunity for work with a company in the future? (very difficult question, yeah? :) )


Thanks a lot, ;)


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Hello VI, and welcome to Ballet Alert! Online :)


I'm going to have to move this post to the Adult Ballet Students' forum, since no one over 22 is allowed to post on the Young Dancers board, except the moderators of course :(


I'm afraid you are a bit late in applying of Summer Intensive programs, even if you can find one that will except someone 25 years old. Most programs are not geared for professional dancers, but for students 13-19 or so. The auditions for these programs were held in January, February, and very early March, so it is now past the deadline for application. I'm very sorry.

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Does anybody have heard something about these summer intensives?:

- Ajkun Ballet

- California Ballet School

- Central Illinois Dance School

- Cedar Lake Ensemble

- City Ballet School

- Montana Ballet

- Montgomery Ballet School

- Northern Ballet Theatre Dance School

- Performing Arts School of Worcester

- South Carolina Dance Conservatory






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What we have in Boston might fit your needs and goals. Please contact me if you're interested in investigating further.

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there's an article in the December 2002/January 2003 pointe magazine about the Adult Dance Camps Ballet Intensive. I dont know that it is at the level you would like, probably not, but it is an adult ballet camp, so i thought i'd mention it. it's only for one week twice a summer, and people need only 1 year of ballet, but if you just want to be doing something, it might work for you. it is at the new home of the Richmond Ballet , so you might get "noticed". just wanted to tell you so you'd know another of the choices.

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I'm sorry, Victoria, now I know that I have to post here ;) and not in forums of other ages... but it did it because my aspirations are to enter to a ballet company (the same as the teenagers) and not only dance for fun, that is the main goal for an adult dancer at this forum, I think...

Thanks citibob, I'll contact you by email for more questions! :)

SABgurlie, I've read about Richmond, it sounds very interesting but I don't know if there would be opportunities of professional development in a company near there. Do you think that? I know that Richmond is an opportunity for people who couldn't dance because they work in another field, and later they return to their respective jobs. Am I right?


Does anybody have heard about Ajkun ballet? Thanks!



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Guest ziva cvar


For Vi I can recommend a summer ballet school in Vis. That is an island in Dalmacia, croatia. Very nice summer subborbs and intensive dance program held by Milano's Scala. If they see someone is dancing properly for them they might reccomend you auditioning for them. But that is not formal information, I just heard it is like that. It is quite good price, last year was about 1000 EU, including accomodation in hotel, food and course of jazz, classic ballet, pas de deux, hip hop. Lasts for three weeks.

Hope I helped you a bit!

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Guest after5



I am originally from Croatia, and I was planning to go there for a vacation this summer. Do you have more information regarding this intensive? Perhaps a web site URL or a phone number?





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